Step inside Farm.One’s vertical farm in Manhattan, and discover how the farm works, the huge range of baby greens, micro greens, herbs and flowers that we grow, and learn more about vertical farming and hydroponics. You can now subscribe to weekly deliveries at

This tour was filmed in 2020 — so the note about tours and classes is now out of date as we no longer allow visitors on the farm due to COVID. We’ll be back one day!

Every week, Farm.One members receive fresh greens that are harvested and delivered same day. These varieties change each week, from Farm.One’s diverse product range of over 700 greens, herbs, and edible flowers. Along with every delivery, a free surprise is included from a local NYC business.

Want to see deliveries and surprises from past weeks? Or looking for recipe inspiration? Check out this link below!​

Sign up to become a Farm.One Member and receive weekly deliveries at

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Vertical Farm Tour: See Inside Farm.One's Commercial Vertical Farm in New York

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  • Carlos Andrés Prado Villarreal

    I might be a little late for this comment but still, I want to congratulate you guys for such amazing work. Great video, great farm, great concept. Keep it up!

  • Lars Lover

    Amazing introduction to your farm. You are really passionate and knowledgeable. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing! May your business thrive and grow

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