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My name is Laura and I, along with my husband, make gardening videos. I live in Eastern Oregon and garden in a zone 5. My parents own an independent garden center that I’ve worked at for over 10 years.

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Vertical Edible Garden 🌿🌿🌿 // Garden Answer

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  • Ben Jay

    Do you tamp down your soil before planting? Just curious. I tend to be neurotic about the massive "lip" that forms when I water uncompressed potting soil and the dirt sinks down so low that I end up pulling the plant out of the pot, adding dirt to the hole, and replacing the root ball into the hole so the entire plant sits "correctly" while maximizing pot room for the roots.

  • John Monck

    with your curry plant ….. just pick a bit and toss it streight into your pan with your other ingredience for a yummy curry

  • Soghra hassanloii

    dear: would please you answer my question? i have a big pot and i would like to plant rose in it and have it in the house. is it practical in the home?? if yes how can i do so? in what condition?

  • Cindy Swain

    Hello, the other holes are for irrigation! "Comes equipped with irrigation entry holes in the back and drain holes in the base."

  • Asim Nawaz Veggies Home Kitchen Garden

    Nice vertical wall video. I am from Pakistan. Here vertical gardening special to grow plants on wall amazing

  • Ann-Sofie Nilsson

    Use your curry plant in soups & stews dried or fresh it's also often used when making perfume & essential oils.The taste of it get milder when it's heated so you are not going to flavor a whole stew with it, then you need a different plant with curry leaves it has a bit stronger taste or just mix the different spices or use a readymade curry mix.

  • Aurora Gonzalez

    love love your videos. I've always wanted to do this type of herb gardening—my hubby can see what i'm trying to tell him! thank you so much!

  • Holly Hasegawa Nielson

    I really loved this video, I love vertical gardens, they don't take up a ton of space and they look so neat! thank you once again for an amazing video, so much great information and tips.

  • Lizzie Dean Makes

    Oh I love woolly thyme – I have a bunch of thymes in my garden as creeping in ground cover but unfortunately the woolly thyme didn’t survive the winter – it is so nice texturally though xx

  • bluesky7226

    Very nice. I love the patina on the planters. Laura, I have shied away from metal containers because of the heat to the root zone. What has your experience been?

  • cadre500

    Are the pre-rusted planters sealed? They look like they will discolor your white shed with rust stains as the water drains from them.

  • Yvette Emmanuel

    Do you ship internationally from your family garden centre?? Love watching you both, so informative and knowledgeable. Don't ever stop what you guys are doing…keep up the great work!!

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