Garden 500 gph fountain pump recommend 4″ pipe 1 gallon Reservoir per plant the pvc pipe comes in 10′ lengths 2 90 degree elbows per turn metal strapping Drill 3″ – 3.5 hole bit net cups grow media nutrinet mix lumber as needed
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Vertical Earth Garden Design Simple Design

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  • Alechia Neathery

    Do you have a video on how you did the two garden one was with plastic bottle and the other was the plastic pipe? 

  • Sheds Direct

    Wow! Simple but really amazing. I saw a type of these design in a supermarket section to preserve some herbs/fresh plants but I never seen such design that is actually located at home. I found it very interesting and I am planning to build one for me as an experiment.

  • Scott Johnson

    I actually hooked it up threw the aquaponics and it runs by solar -some design flaws on it not using the 4 inch pipe so used as a seed starter

  • Scott Johnson

    The 4 inch pipe is best it creates better water flow – the roots will grow down the pipe if you hdyro test your water often aqua let the fish do all the work

  • Brad Burkman

    Isn't the water flowing down the pipes very shallow? I'm imagining it flowing at a high rate but only 3/8" deep or so. Is that ok? I'm a rookie here by the way.

  • UsedHydroShop

    I threw away those pipes cuz I could not figure out how to put it on a table. I guess I should have searched your vid sooner.

  • skibtzer

    A video on constructing that water butt would be great 🙂 It looks great and practical. Could you let me know how you have the water pump setup please. I am hoping to make a garden and the water pump seems to be the hurdle at the moment. I have been considering the Hailea HX-4500 which runs up to 2000 lph with a head of 2.3m. I didnt know if 2000 lph was iverkill though.

  • Scott Johnson

    I might not get to video today
    – 4 inch pipe increases better water flow
    – 5in net cups
    – The angle is fine
    – Reservoir 1 gallon per plant
    – I placed too many on 1 tube and to close
    – I use timer dusk till dawn till dusk
    – The pump needs to able to push water 6- 8 ft

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