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As we approach the half way point of the grow I think it is a good time to talk about the good things and bad things that we have experienced so far. Enjoy Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSFVOG Vertical Grow #1 – Day 38SFVOG Vertical Grow #2 at Site BSkyfarming prototype? 8-story, climbable vertical garden in BarcelonaHydroponic Proto-typeUSA Cannabis Corp – Prototype Recirculating DWC Hydroponic SystemDickson Despommier On Vertical Farming

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  • LoganAddisMusic 3 weeks ago

    What if you put a sog on the floor? Allowing a little bit of room to walk

  • William Wonder 3 weeks ago

    The curling is over fertilization. Period.

  • Dane M 3 weeks ago


  • Timothy Cogdill 3 weeks ago

    Some strains will do that, some won't but it's DEFINITELY too much N.
    I've dealt with it a few times, and lowering N has always fixed it.
    When looking for mothers and I find those, it's an indication that that particular plant is begging for bloom ferts. Tells me it's generally a faster flowering pheno and when given the correct ferts they yield more too.
    I can show ya some before and after pics if you need em.
    Hope this helps ya Man.

  • Timothy Cogdill 3 weeks ago

    That downward leaf curl is too much N. CLASSIC.  Not lack of light stress.

  • wes coast 3 weeks ago

    looks bad ass man one love stay high west coast all day

  • Sneak Growa 3 weeks ago

    Did you scrog the inside area from bucket to ceiling? Is budget why there is no lights on the outside?

  • gr sher 3 weeks ago

    while you are imo correct on several points when speaking critically of someones art project one should be able to produce evidence of their own at the least acceptable art project. I checked your channel finding no such evidence.

  • BoJack Horseman 3 weeks ago

    Try it next time, and top every single colas first bud to encourage the buds to grow fatter at like day 20… Will make og bud especially get a beautiful structure from this, with the biggest calyx u seen

  • BoJack Horseman 3 weeks ago

    Lol… Me get that in life?… Lol.. Ur the most popular grower on here, with the least knowledge of actually growing… You always blame something but yourself.. Ur asking for advice and I am giving it to you.. Raise ur lights all the way too… Heat rises, Bro.. Plus it would of helped the lower growth stretch and completely fill the bottom with a bunch of longer colas.. Pruning to encourage stretch wouldn't hurt either. Snip off all that popcorn crap.. Best time for this is day 12 or so

  • BoJack Horseman 3 weeks ago

    What is this "We" u speak of? It's your fault, don't bring us into this.. Lol. I say it's due to laziness. Any 2 month forum reader knows the basics. Master 1 medium, nutrient line, and methods, b4 u try new things Imo.. Go organic. Teas n fox farm 3 part, florilicious plus, great white, hygrozyme, and molasses will never fail u, if ur not gonna be checking your ph, and stressing thm out. Should of topped/cut all the backside off days b4 this vid. Every time I come I hear excuses

  • Bruce Banner 3 weeks ago

    Check out:

  • cbnx82703 3 weeks ago

    How do you get light to the outside looks pretty dark on the opposite sides of the lamps

  • Lush Genetics 3 weeks ago

    Please check out my new video series and subscribe to my channel. I will be having weekly updates and have a lot to teach the growing community. I've been studying a brilliant growers work as well as the work of many other scientist before him.

  • Sergio Lopez 3 weeks ago

    flush her out really good and spray her with mild b52 make sur u get under the leaves do the spaying twice a week he girls gust need stress releaf

  • Honestly if ur getting the sfvog in san Bernardino area odds are it is sublbcs cut and odds are that u have one of my clones .. I've been spreading this strain around the inland empire quite a bit

  • Justin Rennegarbe 3 weeks ago

    I have no way to post vids but I am a member at thcfarmer :com forums and have a thread called "Magnesium deficiency in SFV OG" with quite a few pics, and If ANYONE with experience with this strain has a few min to drop by and check out my pics to compare and tell me if its even SFV?! I would seriously appreciate it! Thanks

  • Justin Rennegarbe 3 weeks ago

    So after flora+ and cal/mag +, and base nutes whats the N level Looking like compared to P & K? @ day 26 I'd say that they probably do want less N if you're still running same formulas cuz its dwc not coco and the nutes are more readily available. I dont know much so my words have little weight with the rest of you, but I did get my hands on some SFV clones out here east of San Bernardino, and Im very curious now as to if it came from Sub, as many as he's been tossin out, I think it could be

  • matthewc420 3 weeks ago

    avid will kill broad mites with 1 treatment.