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Project America TV focus is on review, promoting Made In USA goods as well as healthy eating choices. Please visit our website at Sub to our channel. Share, Video Rating: / 5 Vertical planter boxes ideas Related PostsVertical Strawberry PlanterVertical Strawberry PlanterIdeas for vertical strawberry planterVertical strawberry planter ideas130009 EasyFill Wall Planter & Strawberry DemoVertical Gardening Vertical Strawberry planters

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  • James Richardson 1 year ago

    If you would take the time to study how plants actually work instead of buying all the organic bull crap you can free yourself from all this concern you have. Plants do not take up, use, store and emit all the toxic chemicals that they are claimed to process. Information is out there. Educate yourself on that and be happier. Excellent video.

  • Justin Moore 1 year ago

    Ya don't like pvc contact with food grade stuff? Where do you get your drinking water?

  • Pythia Sibyls 1 year ago

    I turned this off the second I heard the anti-science, organic cult member bullshit.

  • 高紀元 1 year ago

    Very good idea

  • A Google User 1 year ago

    Since you don't want to use PVC pipe, would soaker hose coiled around the inside work? I'm looking for ideas for a vertical strawberry planter but I want a watering system that I can hook to my timers. Any thoughts on what I could use that would be safe? Thanks and great planter!

  • DaichiTunaMelts 1 year ago

    totally agree about the food system in merica

  • Alec C 1 year ago

    Its crazyncman!!! What a new change of hobbies…cool