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This is a vertical aquaponics system that utilizes 12 ZipGrow towers. My plan is to grow strawberries this fall. The system will also feed my climate controlled grow room where I will be growing microgreens. Video Rating: / 5 Related Postscontainer greenhouse vertical aquaponics systemAquaponics System – Solar Powered Vertical TowerVertical Aquaponics System use Bamboo Towers in Greenhouse to Increase Production 10xPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsVertical Gardening DIY – (Aquaponics, Rotary Hydroponics and Vertical Farm system)Aquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made Easy

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  • Art Brown 10 months ago

    Nice system! I know venturi's but I didn't reduced piping or the pointed void pipe. Could you explain or share a yt on it?

  • jsaw1988 10 months ago

    Man that is a well put together setup

  • Bright Agrotech 10 months ago

    Nice set up, Jeff! Looking forward to seeing this all grown out. Thanks for sharing!

  • L.A. Boltryk 10 months ago

    Great set up, clean, organized and makes sense.