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  • Pepe G 1 year ago

    Me gusto está casa aunque este vendida, como se cual está vendida y cuál no gracias

  • Adan Contreras 1 year ago

    Cuanto mide?

  • BOHEMIANMEX 1 year ago

    La casa de mis sueños!!

  • juan manuel suarez camcho 1 year ago


  • xristos Kalamt 1 year ago

    with all this chemtrails Jake… it aint clean water man…!

  • The One 1 year ago

    not trying to be negative or hating I've enjoyed all your videos so far, but one thing to reconsider when collecting rain water…make sure you are not living in an area where there is high pollutions because there will be acid rain when the pollution are higher than normal

  • Ben Greenstar 1 year ago

    Hi Jake, I love your video's. Your garden is an inspiration man! Thank you
    I was wondering how much rain water you get down there in Tempeh/Phoenix and so how much watering do you end up having to do with municipal water to support your lush gardens? Thanks
    How much does your water bill cost you per year?
    PS. I am a HUGE proponent of woodchip gardening to combat drought btw…I actually own a tree service and have been using thick layers of chips on trees for a LONGGG time, and more so since seeing Back To Eden, but so I think you're the man for using all those chips btw!!! Thanks for spreading the consciousness my man!

  • Earthereal Islam 1 year ago

    check out the metal levels in the rainwater, many people do testing its scary stuff!

  • Jonathan Kosyjana 1 year ago

    soo perfect your whole house awesome man

  • Buster Brown 1 year ago

    Nice system, using what you have in the best way. When you put a new roof on go with slate or metal anything except asphalt shingles.

  • Boss Hog 1 year ago

    there are hazards to take into consideration when collecting rain. do you discard the first couple gallons? did you change your roof top before assembling collection? ive got many of safety questions just from what I observed.

  • King David 1 year ago

    Hey wait a minute, Please post a video on the lightning storms that bring the water. I really miss the terror in the Arizona sky. Thank you and I admire your creativity. When do we eat?

  • Michael Acker 1 year ago

    You need to make sure it's not against the law to collect and divert rainwater because in some cities & states it's illegal to do so & carries hefty fines and their are also Federal laws against it in some areas in the United States also!

  • Taichi Master 1 year ago

    check out this book. tons of ideas you might be able to use. i found it on amazon.
    Gardening with Less Water: Low-Tech, Low-Cost Techniques; Use up to 90% Less Water in Your Garden

  • Donald Brown 1 year ago

    Your rainwater collection system is looking good, make sure you protect your white plastic tote, the sun will bleach it out and make it really brittle and start breaking.

  • Raw Vegan Muscle 1 year ago

    Subscribed mate! Loving your garden.. Ive just started a raw vegan diet looking forward to seeing my transformation! I will be bodybuilding aswell to see what it does for my physique 😀

  • Alexis Parral 1 year ago


  • americanwillow 1 year ago

    I wonder what was the issue that led the one person to dislike the video – corporate water plunderer, perhaps?

  • Frutario Jason Kvestad 1 year ago

    Cut back that mornings, save your shingles give you mulch and clean your water catchment.

  • Frutario Jason Kvestad 1 year ago

    Yes! Water is life!

  • zhungquan 1 year ago

    You should contact the Watershed Management Group. They can help you improve your system!

  • Jon Kleis 1 year ago

    I'm hella afraid of heights, man…

  • burn or give away 1 year ago

    great video Jake….you could put a grate/filter on your gutter before it flows into the I.b.c just to filter out leaf etc

  • JK Madsen 1 year ago

    You would think collecting rainwater that falls on your property is a human right, but apparently some lawmakers think otherwise… Sigh where did we go so wrong :/