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Christine Thuring, PhD candidate in Landscape Ecology (University of Sheffield) and contributing editor shares her research. Like vegetation anywhere, green roof vegetation is subject to ecological dynamics and processes. Little work has explored the long-term dynamics of green roof vegetation, however, with more attention on initial establishment and individual species. This research evaluates how vegetation and soils on some of the oldest extensive green roofs (EGR) in southwest Germany have developed since their installation over 20 years ago. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts[SBE16] The development and performance of plant species in Brazilian extensive green roofsGreen Revolution Series: Green RoofsProGrass Presents: Green Roofs in Hungary (Unirrigated and Extensive)Green Roofs: Largest Extensive in New Zealand Uses LiveRoof SystemDevelopment of Different Types of Green Roofs & Green Walls for Improved Urban Biodiversity…Green Roofs: Saving the Planet One Building at a Time part 1

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