Vegetable Gardening Tips for Beginners

• Garden tour
• Tomato plant care and pruning
• Squash and Zucchini gardening and pruning
• Cucumber and Watermelon vertical trellising
• Green bean plant cultivation and picking

Welcome to North Texas Vegetable Gardening and Cooking with Hillbilly Jilly.

Here you’ll find guides, tips and information on #vegetable #gardening, #cooking, #canning and long-term food storage.

I show you how to prepare classic comfort #food #recipes along with new recipes proven to satisfy and delight. You’ll learn how I grow all organic heirloom vegetables from seed to harvest to preparation, free of pesticides. Grown as nature intended in my Texas #garden.

#Home DIY projects, spring and fall vegetable gardening in north Texas, garden planning tips and information of all sorts are being added every week to help #people succeed as gardeners, learn to #cook and add new recipes to their cookbooks!

Learn about canning your vegetable garden harvest. We show you how to pickle jalapeno peppers, make hamburger dill pickles and much more.

I also go over in detail, how to save your seeds for next year’s garden; save and preserve your cumber, squash, zucchini, cantaloupe.

I hope you enjoy my videos – I try to bring you useful #life tips and how to guides on all things gardening and cooking.

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Hillbilly Jilly

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Vegetable Gardening Tips for Beginners

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  • The Rustic Ranch Garden

    Jill !!!! The Garden looks amazing. Wow, you have lots of fruit. Everything looks super yummy. Your hard work is paying off.
    Thanks for showing the squash eggs and bugs. That's very educational for me. Ever since I watched the "pruning your squash" video, I've been doing that to mine as well. I love green beans! Mine are still young. Looking forward to harvesting them soon. We received a little bit of rain last night. It was wonderful. Happy June! Happy Gardening and God Bless your harvest – Amen. Bertha in TEXAS.