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Vegetable gardening has a few very important principles that are associated with it. Learn the principles of vegetable gardening with help from a farm manager in this free video clip. Expert: Morgan Milne Bio: Morgan Milne has a BS in Horticulture December 2008 at North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Filmmaker: Joe Ensley Series Description: Vegetable gardening can be a great way to enjoy all of your favorite veggies right in your own back yard. Learn about vegetable gardening with help from a farm manager in this free video series. All New EZ DIY Organic Slug and Snail control for vegetable gardening for beginners 101 . No need for killing slugs and snails traps. Related PostsVegetable Gardening : How to Plant Raised Vegetable BedsVegetable Gardening: Three Sisters Companion PlantingEasy Vegetable GardeningMake free DIY self watering grow bag for vegetable gardening Larry Hall inspired.RECYCLED VEGETABLE GARDENING. Plant Your Butt In Your Garden.Central Florida Gardening – Vegetable Gardening

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  • Joseph Marinelli 5 months ago

    My wife and I have a large raised bed, Square Foot Garden in Piscataway NJ. The garden is about 2500 Sq Ft, The beds themselves are about 700 Sq Ft. We enjoy your videos and overall have reasonable success with our veggies and flowers. However, because we followed the Mel's SFG ideas, of NOT growing in your own soil, and placed weed block on the bottom of the beds before filling them with Mel's mix (which is really expensive because of the vermiculite), we have learned from you that we have essentially been growing in compost. Now we are going to try to get the mycorrhizal fungi going by having living roots in the beds all year long, and being raised beds with wood, we don't till, but I have 2 questions for you. First is, do you think it's OK to just leave the weed block where it is? I know roots can grow through the weed block into the soil below, but it's not ideal of big roots because of the small holes. It would just be a huge effort to move all the soil to rip out the weed block. Second question is related to over time possibly getting rid of the wooden bed frames (the pine is rotting from the organic activity) and replacing it with your raised bed materials, but I've seen crazy expensive prices for cattle panels and hardware cloth – where do you get you fencing materials? I figured I'd ask since you shared where you get your seeds from… Also, we were thinking it might be fun to drive down and meet you and perhaps buy you dinner and have some good food and conversation about growing things – if you are interested we could arrange to meet up when you aren't super busy, perhaps in the fall when the harvest is complete… Any help you can give me with my questions is greatly appreciated!

  • Donald Damron 5 months ago

    Hi Mark, looks like it may work, thanks for sharing, keep em coming, Don

  • Gordon Booth 5 months ago

    We definitely need more organic ideas! I have a lot of success using used coffee grounds around the base of plant añd i use roughly from plant to drip line inch thickness. Also encourage ground feeding birds by leaving slugs exposed. Finally toads from pond get the rest. So no problems really. one of the key mentions in this great video was they eat damaged or decaying plant tissue. Healthy they tend not to bother.

  • Southpaw Davey urban farm. 5 months ago

    A finer mesh like the screen mesh might be better. Just because the slugs in spring are normally just hatched and would go though that mesh. Great idea it would sure stop the bigger ones. We have a big problem here with them. A couple of years ago I put out 24 lettuce starts they were all gone the next morning.

  • Steve Gillaspie 5 months ago

    Thanks for all your expertise. I don't have problems with slugs. I may have a serious problem with frost the next two nights. Concerning my potatoes the plants are as high as 12" should I prune or cover them. What is the best approach to frost tonight and tomorrow night.
    Thanks again

  • lane laney 5 months ago

    Excellent idea. I use coffee grounds around my garden and this helps some but your idea would be much more foolproof. My strawberry beds might be a bit too large for the board/wire system though.

  • stevieM82 5 months ago

    Great idea Mark! I'm already looking forward to see the experience with this trial.

  • Kindred1000 5 months ago

    Great idea! I'm wondering if you curl the top of the mesh over a bit, it would make it even more difficult for a slug to transition over the spiky edge?

  • Miguel Laroche 5 months ago

    I like how you are looking at ways to not use sprays whether organic or not. What kill the bad bugs kills the good bugs! This should work great for home gardener! My best line of defense for slugs on a larger than home garden scale, is to get ducks, and also picking them up by hand. I had good results going every morning for 15 minutes for 2 weeks straight and picking off the big ones in a bucket. Ive tried to crush them and feed them to the chickens but chickens really could care less, ducks, different story.

  • Wolfstang Dragonstead 5 months ago

    What if one were to replace two screens with two wires, one positive one negative…. slug zapper!

  • Joanna Nowak 5 months ago

    Thank you ,that's ingenious idea .

  • Pinche Guarito 5 months ago

    Farmer, scientist, and inventor! 😉