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Look back over some typical tasks which can be done on the allotment kitchen garden during July. My passion is gardening whether it’s vegetables, fruit, herbs or flowers. Videos follow my journey in-and-out of the garden. Check out my blog FIND ME AT… * YouTube * Instagram * Twitter * Patreon * Facebook Group * Facebook Profile © Sean James Cameron #gardening, #allotment, #seanjamescameron, #garden, #cottagegarden, #gardeningforbeginners, #newallotment, #startinganallotment, #gardeninghintsandtips Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVegetable Gardening Tasks for August in the Kitchen GardenVegetable Gardening Tasks for June in the Kitchen Garden4th of July Garden Tour | Garden Design | Vegetable Gardening | Container GardeningCompact Vegetable Garden Design Ideas, Kitchen Gardens, Raised Bed Vegetable GardenKitchen Gardening Overview | Beginning Vegetable Gardening April-2016 (Urdu/hindi)Container Garden July Update & Harvest Vegetable Gardening Raised Bed How to Plant Grow Seed

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  • ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia 10 months ago

    My cucumbers are huge. I like growing tomatoes they're also healthy for the prostate. I bought two small goji's this year and they have grown fantastic. Hopefully they will fruit next year. Spring onions are great in pickles, and great in kimchi. A lot is bolting this year, chard, lettuces and spinach. Celery is great to grow and so is beetroot. Celery from last year is now seeding, it's a great bi-annual. I don't have enough room for potatoes. I tried sweet potato last year but it didn't do anything. A great allotment Sean.

  • Jimmie Patrum 10 months ago

    I so enjoy all your posts. The music this time was just wonderful, too. Diane in North Carolina

  • Diary of a Farmgirl 10 months ago

    I think your capsicum is called red horn..and if it is, they are a lovely sweet variety

  • Gardiner's Plot 10 months ago

    plot is looking great! another great video 🙂

  • MaryG Orchids 10 months ago

    Hi, found your channel and immediately subbed! How do you protect your peas in allotment? Mine is all eaten by pigeon?

  • gayla gavin 10 months ago

    How is Rusty doing? I always worry a little bit about him.

  • ZebbiBibi 10 months ago

    Those look like jalapeno peppers

  • Olga A 10 months ago

    Shark melon can be very good tool for weeding for the railway garden, in case to grow it on first year… I'd be happy to try in my plot….But my attempts to find seeds were unsuccessful in our country… Could it be because of sanctions?))))

  • Olga A 10 months ago

    HI, Sean, we are missing your videos, and enjoy this from last year… But hope for new, even in case you will just weeding-weeding-weeding:))) I have same situation with my plot, were I just starting veg and herbs, and some greens, and to look on your methods of wedding will be very helpful, because when I see your work I'm starting to believe I also can do my)))

  • G Royal 10 months ago

    Enjoyed … like the good old days

  • Nebraska Dave 10 months ago

    Sean, will we be getting a July update from the railway allotment? I am so missing the raw footage videos that you used to make in the beginning. It was relaxing and inspiring to get me moving in my own garden. Starting a day watching you work in your new allotment motivated me to get out into mine. I'm hoping we can see some of those once again.

    It's terribly hot here in Nebraska. The temperature today will be over 100F (38C) degrees with 85 percent humidity. We are right on track with the average rainfall at 15 inches so far for the year. I haven't had to water much in the garden and the 400 gallon rain water tank has remained full this year. My garden is much smaller this year because of many distractions and needs of family, friends, and neighbors. I still have a few things but not as much as last year.

    You made me giggle with the comments about the Shark Fin melon in this video. It was almost admiration with how robust it was but by the end of the summer you were so disgusted with the bully melon that you swore never to grow it again. And you said it really didn't taste that good either.

    Have a great July 2018 day. Coming soon to your area.

    Nebraska Dave

  • Jan Knapp 10 months ago

    Do you cover your peas? Mine all seem to have pea moth larva in them!

  • Linda Penney 10 months ago

    Blessing in sharing Sean

  • Charlie 10 months ago

    Is this last years garden? I am sure after last year you said you wouldn't grow Shark Fin melons again. Plust the plot looks like last years not this years down sized.
    Rusty the constant in every video.

  • Glen Faught Jr 10 months ago

    Have so enjoyed this update of your beautiful, abundant harvest, delightful rose at 4:18, sweet, dear Rusty, stately, stalwart lilies, promising blackberries, and all the rest, with a chuckle at the sight of the "tail" just before you announced its owner. Thank you for a lovely interlude accompanied by song birds. A very welcome respite. Happy Summer!

  • Ron Yerke 10 months ago

    Is it possible to "steer" or train your shark-fin melons? I saw the man on the Castle Hill Garden do that with some other kinds of melons or squash.

  • Linda Witherspoon 10 months ago

    So good to see your video. Your garden looks beautiful. What a wealth of veggies. Rusty looks happy.

  • Gail Thomas 10 months ago

    Hi sean beautiful video , last nite was a beautiful full moon which I can see right now out of the window , its called the strawberry moon , the begging to start harvesting berries , hope you enjoying this beautiful summer we haven. ; )