If you are new to growing food, or are looking to start a vegetable garden then this video is for you. I give my honest and frank advice when it comes to starting a food growing journey, with the hope that it will greatly help you achieve your vegetable growing dreams. The goal with this video is to give you a mental and strategic toolkit to ensure the best possible success from the get go. It also is to help ensure you don’t fall into any traps along the way, and that you have a positive and realistic journey forward.

Resources mentioned:
-Diversity video (companion planting etc)-

Liz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0Ha5QljsCV5UqIkobBrcQ
Charles https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB1J6siDdmhwah7q0O2WJBg

Making your first compost https://youtu.be/kt6mIoKK6wE
Art of Lazy Compsoting https://youtu.be/swLkA1cHJ4Y

With a huge thanks to Sean Tucker for the inspiration behind this video. If you are interested in the deeper meaning of photography and creativity, check out his incredible videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/seantuckermerge

-Huw’s books-
Signed copies of my books: https://huwrichards.shop/

Awesome clothing designed for vegetable gardeners: https://huwrichards.teemill.com/

-Online Courses-
More Food Less Effort Course: http://morefoodlesseffort.com/
Planting Plan Short Course: https://abundanceacademy.online/p/the-monthly-planting-plan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HuwRichardsOfficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huwsgarden/

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Vegetable Gardening | Straight Talk for People Starting to Grow Food

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  • Ian Crouse

    I look at chemicals as I do medicines. I don't take/use them because they encumber an immune system that needs to flourish and become dependent.

    Your channel is my 'goto' for all information.

    Thank you.

  • Anita Cooper

    Excellent video of wisdom, experience, direction, and encouragement. Thank you. Even experienced gardeners need to hear this right now at the beginning of the season.

  • Montse moli arbonés

    I’m Catalonian person who ‘s retired now, and I watch all yours vídeos. I Learn a lot of garden vegetables and English too, cause you speack slowly and you put subtitles. For me, both are important. Thanks at all you teach us, specially today. Thanks, Thanks…

  • Ruby Czinger

    Huw, thank you. This video felt like a good wholesome chat with a friend. I hope more people watch this to gain a healthy perspective on “shepherding their land.” Absolutely love all the cliches.

  • Brent Meyer

    To follow up on the chemical comment in the video, do you suggest/use any organic plant food/fertilizer at all, or do you only use compost created on your property?

  • Steven W Holt

    Thanks for this video. I'm so happy I found it. I really enjoy gardening and trying to care for something, also learned more about plants and growing. It is a great activity to share with my wife and son but its pretty neat too that we get to share the food as well as a meal. I'm hoping to expand a bit more this year on a few new things but in the end, keep it fun and keep learning!

  • Topaz Powell

    When I was 5 years old (in 1957) my dad gave me a little bit of ground, I planted 4 potatoes and got 28 back. I am now 69 and I think I have got a little better each year as I now have more than 7 H/acres in North Spain. I still love to be out in the garden.

  • Maura Buller

    Thank you. Last year was my first. I moved to a desert and a cold climate. I experienced a terrible first year. I have few trees and no organic material on my property. Getting started this second spring I feel slightly more confident. I plan to watch more of your videos.

  • mimaroo

    I'm a newbie gardener, very willing to learn. We've had tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers before. For some reason our tomatoes don't produce many ever, but our cucumbers are prolific

  • Firevine

    Me: "Ok, I'll try no dig gardening"
    Georgia red clay: "lmao no you won't"

    Hugulkulture in raised beds is pretty much all I can do with my resources. It's fun. Last year's soil looks amazing right now.

  • Tana Rehbein

    Now in my 50s gardening has taught me more patience than perhaps the whole rest of my life. But I love the daily learning curve. It's daily new but attainable and best of all grounding. You have been a key inspiration to me for the last three years. Thank you for this video which is much like your older ones but with new mature wisdom.

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