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An expert rundown of all the essential jobs to do in your vegetable patch or allotment for the month of November. Find out what gardening jobs to do to keep your garden looking great, which vegetables to sow and harvest through the year and some easy tips to save you time: Which?: Twitter: Facebook: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVegetable gardening jobs for September – Which? GardeningVegetable gardening jobs for June – Which? GardeningVegetable gardening jobs for July – Which? GardeningContainer Garden UPDATE November 28th organic vegetable gardening how to plantVegetable Gardening jobs for April – Which? GardeningVegetable gardening jobs for August – Which? Gardening

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  • timothy harris 4 months ago

    good video very helpful

  • vincent neale 4 months ago

    What about looking after your gardening tools ? I sharpen all my cutting tools including hoes and then wipe all wooden handles with linseed oil and all metal surfaces with old vegetable oil so they will be ready for use in the spring