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Vegetable Gardening in spring, how to grow vegetables

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  • GardenFork

    we get bumblebees on the chive flowers, i haven't noticed honeybees on them, but i will pay more attention this year, thanks for asking, eric.

  • witchapparatus

    Very interesting! Do the bees like the chive flowers too? I'm kind of obsessed with attracting pollinators. 🙂

  • skimsk808

    I first started watching your vids around February. Now I have a avocado and plumeria tree a bunch of potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, numerous herbs… you guys were very inspirational.

  • George Mickatavage

    I really enjoyed this video! Keep up the great work! Woof woof to the doggies! -George in Rye, NY (praying for sunshine)!

  • mukwah1111

    Thanks for the tour Eric. Would you like a burger to go with that onion chive? What was the correct answer in the contest and who won? My daughter used to steal my sugar bowl when she was a tiny tot & go out to the rhubarb patch, yank up the rhubarb, dip it in the sugar & eat it . She also pulled out the carrots when they were thinner than pencils & eat them dirt & all ! haha Thanks for triggering the memory. Hostas are so inviting & lush. Thks !!

  • sadia102

    Very enjoyable tour of your garden. Beautiful space. I have only just started out but have in trap crops to attract the pests. parsnip, mustard etc They seem to like asian greens too and leave my other stuff away. have plenty of garlic and chives around and plan on lots of parsley. What will you have in the shade garden?

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