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Protective domes, an insulating wall of waters or frost blankets suspended over wire hoops can help you protect your vegetable plants from frost damage. Learn how your plants can weather the winter in this free video on vegetable gardening. Expert: Ali Reynolds Contact: Bio: Ali Reynolds owns and operates a small organic nursery. She has a master gardener’s certificate as well as a landscape and gardening certificate, and has gardened for more than 35 years. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips Series Description: If you love fresh vegetables, gardening in general or just want a fun and rewarding new hobby, your green thumb will blossom with the aid of these vegetable gardening tips. Learn the secrets of vegetable gardening from a professional instructor in this free video series. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVegetable Gardening : How to Protect Outdoor Plants From FrostVegetable Gardening : Home Remedy for Flies on Vegetable PlantsProtect Your Vegetable Garden from Small Animals & Build a No Cost Raised Bed at VeggielutionHow to Protect Your Vegetable Garden from the WindVegetable Gardening : How to Plant Raised Vegetable BedsVegetable Gardening : How to Design a Vegetable Garden

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  • Arnetta Ambriz 1 year ago

    Im using ShepherdSurvives instructions to all my surviving ideas 🙂

  • Alex Figueroa 1 year ago

    Do I need to buy a baby duck to help with my plants? Just kidding! I thought the duckling in the video was cute. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sheds Direct 1 year ago

    In gardening, there are lots of ways on how to protect your plants respectively! These few tips from this video are very impressive and I guess it is the best way to keep your plants healthy and secure it from any danger.

  • James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย 1 year ago

    Like the bucket idea. I also use milk gallon container with bottom cut out go over my small plant pots at night.