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Patti and special guest William Moss demonstrate how to plant a raised tomato bed. Learn about the trenching method, and companion plants, too. Get the most out of your tomato garden! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Plant Tomatoes & Peppers into Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in Arizona – Organic Gardening TipsHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningContainer Garden July Update & Harvest Vegetable Gardening Raised Bed How to Plant Grow SeedGarden Update #4 Red Peppers Tomatoes Raised Bed Square Foot Vegetable Gardening HarvestVegetable Gardening : How to Plant a Vegetable Garden in RowsVegetable Gardening : How to Plant Raised Vegetable Beds

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  • Garden Sheds Kent 1 year ago

    We actually used tomatoes almost in our everyday food servings. It is then a good idea to start your own raised garden bed of tomatoes and some companion plants as well. I guarantee you that when you harvest what you planted, you will feel complete happiness. Plus, gardening will help us save a lot of money as well.

  • belkheir mohammed amin 1 year ago

    Ok. I'm totally envious of my neighbor right this moment. He's actually been available always. By some luck, he's got a model to love him in weeks. How can that be even thinkable? He said to me he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone amazing told me that… I've never seen him so fulfilled. Sort of makes me frustrated.

  • Jonathan Farrand 1 year ago

    Nice video guys! Great energy and helpful tips too!

  • Melissa Strong 1 year ago

    nope you can do it. I have even hear of fish heads in the hole before you plant. strange but true try it. 

  • TheAwesome HNH 1 year ago

    lol youre being sarcastic right?

  • ejẹki alọ 1 year ago

    wow you americans are so lucky the weather is amazingly good for growing everything especially in the southern areas. here in the uk were very lucky if we have a decent warm summer

  • nappychef35 1 year ago

    Patti thanks for posting this video. I wish I had saw it three days ago, before I finished transferring a large plant to Topsi Tervy pot that killed my large plant. Question: how do you do that 3D text effect in your closing credits? What's the program and feature? Thanks and check out my channel for some good recipes that use fresh veggies.

  • ingesumadre 1 year ago

    i started from seed and they lasted 3 weeks and drop dead.. an sugestions?

  • Supralobe 1 year ago

    Very nice, I really like the idea of companion planting.

    Do you use a trellis for keeping the trenched tomato plant upright?

  • Heather Willis 1 year ago

    I reaf that even if the plant isnt super tall to build a trench for it, but that seems to negate the deep hole for the plant. Which is better?

  • JJolaine 1 year ago

    Wow! I never knew the "deep" planting method for them. Thanks! Keep the tips comin'!

  • lefty0mtl 1 year ago

    You guys are an inspiration!!! Thanks for the great info!

  • OrganicTexas 1 year ago

    @brenatens No- it's legit. Epsom salt also prevents the blossom end rot. Other good addition is liquid seaweed and compost tea.

  • Praxxus55712 1 year ago

    I've never had a bug problem in my tomato area. I dunno whether my area is bug free naturally or if I'm just one lucky gardener. But then again my tomatoes grow like triffids and would probably beat the heck outa any bugs.

    Toe-may-toe gangz reprezentin!! :)

  • Geekanoids 1 year ago

    I was planning on getting my tomatoes this weekend. Thanks.

  • Otokogoroshi 1 year ago

    Good tips, thank you!

  • Steve Nichols 1 year ago

    Cheers Patti, I was thinking yesterday about how I should deal with the 20 odd tomatoes which came up by themselves in my garden recently

  • Melissa Strong 1 year ago

    you can also add powered milk to give the tomatoe plant some calcium or add some egg shells around the bottom of the plant.

  • marthale7 1 year ago

    Never heard of planting them deep. Makes sense just like potatoes…

  • Socksee 1 year ago

    Awesome video ~ Thank you so much!