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Even children can plant a vegetable garden with these easy step-by-step instructions for growing radishes and tomatoes. Children of all ages can learn from this free video on vegetable gardening. Expert: Rose Keppler Contact: Bio: Rose Keppler is an artist and horticulturist who provides careful, detailed garden maintenance based on the principle that gardens should serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Series Description: Vegetable gardening allows you to grow your own food, get acquainted with nature and generally have a lot of fun, and now your green thumb will get even greener with these vegetable gardening tips. A professional horticulturist shares her knowledge in this free video series. Related PostsGrow a Vegetable Garden at Home JULY 26th container gardening how to start plant tomato seedsGARDEN SUPPLIES and Container Cleanup PREP ready to plant vegetable gardening compostContainer Garden UPDATE November 28th organic vegetable gardening how to plantContainer Garden JULY 1st HARVEST Update patio vegetable gardening how to start plant seedOrganic Container Garden Update MAY 20th raw food diet vegetable gardening how to plant growJune 12th Container GARDEN UPDATE walkthru tour Organic Vegetable Gardening how to plant

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  • April Ross 5 years ago

    Tons of info. Big help for parents or leaders. This is not a video for the kids… but for planning prior to involving kids. Many age-appropriate ways to engage and excite kids

  • MS Excel VBA Training Online 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. Smile a little more Rose. It hasn't harmed anyone!?

  • Sheds Direct 5 years ago

    It is such a clever idea when you educate your children on how to grow vegetable garden at their young age. However, this video do not only teaches every child but rather advocating the health benefits itself. They deserve to live with great nutrition and it is very important for them to know the worth of gardening. I will strongly recommend this post!?

  • Anna Dawes 5 years ago

    Thank you so much!?

  • stickman Harding 5 years ago

    where do u buy the seeds from

  • ce19132 5 years ago

    This was extremely helpful! This is my first time attempting a mini vegetable garden. And as my three year old likes to watch me in the yard, this will allow me to include him. Thank you.