Inside this video, I share more than ten tips for beginner vegetable gardeners.
When we first start out in can be very overwhelming no doubt about that.
That’s why I decide to get this piece of content out to you all, so you can benefit from my decades of experience.
It’s really a ten-step action plan to get you on your way!
Growing food at home is very rewarding, but it can also be disappointing when things don’t go to plan.
So, if you take your time and scale-out as recommended in this video you will have a larger chance at raking in fresh food from your garden and provide plenty of fresh food to come for you and your family.
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Happy Gardening

Marty Ware

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  • O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead

    Hi Marty.
    If u have forgotten I live below u on the central coast Wyong.
    Like u sun rises and set the same as u .So for best results are you saying grow in rows East to west and tallest plant on the south side rows and the smallest on the north side? And mixing the row with different same height plants ?
    Your the best ! Keep safe, Marty .

  • TheFrogfeeder

    Hey Marty, hope you’re staying safe and healthy down under, times like these I’m very grateful for all the city farming I do, I know you are too. It’s funny I just heard you mention a chicken with it’s head cut off…next week imma process 20 fat meat chickens I been growin, I’m ready for this pandemic, I don’t really need to leave my house, but I am still going to work, for now.

  • Angela U

    Thanks Marty. I have a large leafy green plant (I think it's a type of loose leaf cabbage) and the bugs have been in residence (cabbage white butterfly) for a while so I've been chopping off the leaves and hoping that the predatory insects or birds would take care of them but they haven't. What do you suggest?

  • candy crush addict

    Flexy hand tips was very unique. I enjoyed it… I have just started a few little microgreen trays and see how they go.
    I also cooked some rice for my worms and boy , one of the farms was a ball of worms around it.. I am just so stoked about the info you give and try to follow all your advice. I try not to think too big just yet as I am starting out, but I do have 6 going. My compost tumbler on one of the sides is going really well, the other side is ready for them when they migrate. I have to refrain from poking around in there everyday. Im so glad I have a hobby now that brings me outside to nature.

  • Jeanette Wilkinson

    I have a chook run with a couple of chooks and I’ve put horse manure,cow manure & my chook poop goes in there for the girls to work through ready for my spring/summer crops,

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