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Vegetable Garden Update S1-E12 – Staking and Hail Hath No Fury – In this video I update my warm season vegetable plants. I have started staking the plants that need it. I had a big hail storm do some damage in the garden, but my house actually took it worse. Products I Use – Merch – HortTube Facebook Page HortTube Instagram HortTube Twitter How to plant in clay. How to plant in clay. Short video. How to plant in sandy soils. 30 Allen Rd. Clayton, NC 27520 Related PostsHow to Install Drip Irrigation – Part 2 Vegetable GardenMittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall GardenVegetable garden update and how I fertilizeContainer Garden UPDATE November 28th organic vegetable gardening how to plantTexas Organic Spring Vegetable Garden 2012 Update #4 of 8July Vegetable Garden and Homestead Update

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  • Gina Snyder 4 months ago

    I’m in OK and just had our house reroofed this week from a hailstorm about a month ago!

  • Lisa Walters 4 months ago

    Great update. Sorry about the damag. Terrible.

  • james robbins 4 months ago

    Nice update. Glad your ok.

  • WDawn Poole 4 months ago

    That sounds like a crazy storm! I've never seen such damage from hail. I'm in Winston Salem and it missed us here.

  • Opossum Cod's 4 months ago

    Only Jim would refer to a meteor shower as a hail storm. Glad your ok.

  • Jim Wesselman 4 months ago

    I assume that the Marigolds are for rabbits? Does that work for you? I have been wondering if I need a fence, because rabbits love my garden!

  • Peter Y 4 months ago

    is there enough sun ? isee deep shade at your garden,… is it fine for tomatos ?

  • Jo Johnston 4 months ago

    So sorry to see the damage to your house! Thank you for the garden update, tho'.