Come September, it is time to start transitioning my vegetable garden towards the cool weather fall crops. I like to seed start my cool weather vegetables outdoors in seed cells and cups. As my warm crops fade out, I find patches to tuck in my fall seed starts.

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Vegetable Garden Tour & Tips 9/3/2018: Harvest, Cool Weather Transition, Seed Starts

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  • dcwatashi

    It was difficult to watch this video because the background noise was off the charts.
    Any chance you can treat yourself to a lavalier Mic? The wireless ones can be really expensive but since you videotape so close to your own camera you should be able to get away with a decent price corded mic.

  • I Love 2 Cook

    Hello from Australia. New subie here. Love your garden and gardening tips. Will try things out as we head into summer in a couple months.

  • Marcus Brody

    Hi Gary,
    Very impressive! Can I use peroxide, baking soda or neem spray on my 3 week old seedlings? a couple of bugs are taking bites etc.

  • Laura Page

    Just found you today. I want to order your cool weather pkg but could not find it. Your site is great. Will keep up with it from now on.

  • Beverley W

    What do you plan to do with all that basil? The seeds I got from you also produced really well and even though I have been eating it, there's still so much still on the plant, I'm not sure what to do with it all!

  • T

    Hi Gary
    I used grow bags this year which were effective and perfect on saving space. My question is What to do with them as the season is ending and I am not going to be using them. Will the soil rot over the winter. How should I store my container soils…..Help.

  • Orchid and Kitties

    how you save your cucumber from cucumber beattle?.all my cucks got killed by them this year.I sprayed with neem oil many time but they won..

  • Ginger Kirby

    My determinate tomato plant that I thought was done setting fruit weeks ago, is suddenly flowering and setting small fruit again. Is that normal?

  • Jolene Talboom

    Looking good! I tried about 8 different beans this year, it's fun trying all the different varieties! I realized a need a few more beds, lol. I sprayed my pie pumpkin 3 days in a row with h2o2 and it still has powdery mildew. It did take care of some of the leaves that had a little on it. Should I remove all the leaves that have it, then spray?

  • Heidi Fetzer

    Is it a little to late to start planting the fall veggies by seeds or would I still be able to plant them I like if I want to plant them in peat pallets or something

  • Ramona Macabugao

    Hi Gary! are u going to sell long beans seeds? I would like to grow next summer some long beans in my small yard. Pls let me buy some few. Thanks for sharing your talents in gardening.

  • hope crews

    Mr. Gary, I always chuckle when you say you don't have so much space, because you always get an amazing amount out of it, , so well planned! I love watching you grow and harvest! Plus I pick up the occasional trick to up my game so ty for continuing to post and teach sir!

  • leslie alcantara

    im planning to switch to LED as for indoor grow lights cause its storm season, but i dunno how to choose LED's cause most LED i see around here are just at 1600lm .. what numbers do i need to check if its the right LED or not? please help guys thanks. oh i found this in the mall dunno if its good
    5pcs for 30$
    – Material: aluminum + plastic
    – Light Source: 15pcs 5730SMD high power chip
    – Lamp Beads Arranged: 11pcs red+ 4pcs blue
    – Lumen: 270 – 300LM
    – Beam Angle: 100 degree
    – Body Temperature: less than 60 Deg.C
    – LED Working Temperature: less than 65 Deg.C
    – Source Life: 50000 hours
    – Input Voltage: AC 85V – 265V
    – Coverage Area: 3 – 5 square meters
    – Cable Length: 1.5m
    Color Ratio:
    Professional spectrum: red ( 620 – 630nm; 650 – 660nm ); blue ( 440 – 450nm; 450 – 460nm )
    400 – 520nm ( blue )
    610 – 720nm ( red )

  • PokeyBessie

    I love the gardening tours! I agree with your comment about growing what you like. I learned that the hard way Lol. And also grow what seems to grow best. I wasted time with things I can't seem to grow . .. carrots. I can't grow carrots for whatever reason. I have all but 3 raised beds cleared down. We are suppose to have an El Nino Winter this year. That means below AVG rain/temps for my region. My winter garden will consist of 3 types of Kale: Regular, Red Russian and Dinosaur (I have had kale live all the way in to spring here), mustard greens, mixed greens (for my rabbits), rutabagas (up now!), purple turnips (up now1), collards (the most cold tolerant of all brassicas), and spinach. I got some borage seeds to grow next year ( i hear they taste like cucumbers and the pollnators love it, it self seeds so some hate it) Cool crops I think are often times easier . . . no bugs! My other problem I must get over is spacing. I love to cram. Have a good week Gary!

  • SantaAnaRoadWildman

    Thanks Gary, love the veg profiles. I subscribed to the AAS channel. You got me sold on the Roulette habanero for next year.

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