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This tour is just a general update. The growth is fantastic. I stress the importance of a spraying schedule as the main tip. You can buy ‘damaged’ flowers from stores and nurse them to health to save a lot of money. I use sodium phosphate for snails and slugs. Most of the garden has been mulched and the composter is hot composting. Now is the time to start your sprays in many areas. Please Help Support My Channel: The Rusted Garden – Thanks! Please Visit The Rusted Garden Seed & Garden Shop: Interested in the GreenStalk vertical tower? Visit their website and use my discount code THERUSTEDGARDEN to save money. You can support The Rusted Garden by using this link for anything you purchase on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be garden related. Anything you purchase gives a % return back to The Rusted Garden Thanks for using my link. It helps fund my garden videos! Subscribe to My YouTube Channel (800 Garden Videos) – The Rusted Garden: Follow me on Instagram for Harvest Pictures, Updates and Monthly Give-Aways: Visit My Original Blog The Rusted Vegetable Garden: Contact Me at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVegetable Garden Tour & Tips 5/2/18: All My Transplants, Tomato & Pepper Varieties & TipsVegetable Garden Tour & Tips 4/16/18: Hot-House Tomato Cage, Peas, Bean & Cucumber TrellisingVegetable Garden Tour Late July: Tomato Tips, Journal, Ups, Downs & Daily HarvestVegetable Garden Tour & Tips 1/28/18: My Grow Closets, Tips for Seed Starting, Herbs, My Video SetVegetable Garden Tour & Tips 7/19/2018: Mature Tomatoes & Peppers, Crops to Plant NowChandigarh, Pinjor Garden Educational Tour

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  • Kim D. 2 months ago

    Thanks for the video. Can you give more info on a spraying schedule? I don’t know where to start. I have a very small container garden – tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries and herbs. Again, thank you for the videos!

  • Marilyn Tucker 2 months ago

    Hi Gary. Beautiful garden. I live in zone 7 as well and was wondering if you grow cabbages. I planted mine from transplants in early March and they are still not heading. I have 2 in a half whiskey barrel container with mix of peat, vermiculite and potting soil. Put blood meal, bone meal and worm casting at planting time. Do you have any recommendation for me or suggestions as to why it’s not heading up. Thanks in advance.

  • Laura Tango 2 months ago

    Wow! Your garden is lush! I like your tumbler composter.

  • Crunchy Emily 2 months ago

    Gary – Are you POSITIVE the grape vine died? b/c for the past couple of yrs I've thought mine was dead, but it turns out it just doesn't leaf out until later than I think it should.

  • carol parrish 2 months ago

    I want to thank you for the tomato, pepper fertilizer recipe. I used it and things are going great.

  • Ginger Kirby 2 months ago

    Just found your channel. Dying of jealousy!

  • Hope you and the garden dodged or survived the storm Gary, seen on news in UK and it looked awful.

  • Ashley Christina 2 months ago

    Your GreenStalk looks good! Peppers are a great idea to grow vertically!

  • Debbie Ventimiglia 2 months ago

    What a creative and beautiful garden!! How do you water all of it? With irrigation or a hose? I have 107 veggie and herb along with flowers plants our that I started from seed indoors , but I live in a apartment that has no outside spicket, so I am having to water all with 5 gallon milk jugs! At 62 years old I am considering a new garden layout next year. Could you please show us more of your container flowers?

  • Colleen Hughes 2 months ago

    I love your garden! Did you build that plant tower or buy it? I have an idea for making one with plastic food containers we recycle at work, but I'm not sure how to get it to stay together.

  • Aquavert GreenWorks 2 months ago

    Looking good!!!

  • Shelley G. 2 months ago

    Your Garden is Massive lol. I didnt realize your yard was so huge . Wished I had that much space. I have a very limited area for my garden

  • ccollinsworthov 2 months ago

    you say your having a flowering problem with your kiwi plant. I am having the same issues with 2 trees an orange and a lime tree that were pretty bad off when we bought them at a discount at Lowe's and we have nursed back to heath nice green leaves and in huge pots. I too am having problems getting them to flower and produce fruit. HELP!

  • chevy6299 2 months ago

    Awesome garden Gary !

  • Kialyn Ellis 2 months ago

    Just got mine all done ( love your garden

  • LibertyOrDeath 2 months ago

    So this has nothing to do with towers pictured on the click bait 🙁

  • Gordon Youd 2 months ago

    Great garden, Give me your address I shall move in tomorrow :-))

  • Wolfie1038 2 months ago

    Beautiful job, Gary! 3 weeks of daily on/off rain and 93% humidity here has me spraying baking soda every morning because it keeps getting washed off every afternoon! Can you spray too much baking soda?