My 1/2 acre vegetable garden in it’s 2nd growing season.

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Vegetable Garden Tour. Mid July 2021

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  • Northie

    I'm not sure if anyone commented on this but I believe those schwarzenberren are edible type of black nightshade. Just make sure you have the edible strain because we have the unedible variant called mustakoiso popping up in fields here in Finland. It's considered a weed that plagues specifically potato fields as it steals nutrients from potatoes. it is related to potato and tomato. You can eat both the ripe berries and boiled leaves. Just make sure the berries are ripe. The raw berry is more toxic than the ripe one.

    Edit: It shouldn't be terribly toxic but eating a large number of berries is probably going to give you upset stomach

  • Luz P.L.

    I cant wait to grow produce in my backyard but first need a fence. I live in FL, have a conservation area right behind my yard so raccoons, armadillo, lynx & deer would have a field day with anything I sow. But yes, a lovely, organized space like yours would be a haven for me. ❤️

  • zeevon9

    All the videos I have watched so far are great! The ground cherries took me back to my grandparents farm, laying on my stomach and eating these off the ground. But, not all of them, because she would make pie! I enjoy learning and listening.

  • C M

    Hi Mark
    Thanks for sharing your passion for gardening and for being yourself. It really comes across well in your videos. I love all the details you give and how you say what you're thinking.

    Here in the UK, we've had a wetter than normal summer, meaning that things are still looking quite fresh for the time of year. It's interesting to see what and how you grow plants where you are.

    Best wishes


  • Jac Lo

    I planted borage in our old house 8 years ago. Borage kept self seeding throughout the following year. When we moved to our new house 6 years ago we took a lot of the garden bed soil with us. I have never planted borage in the new house yet every year we have so many plants come up. They are always the first to flower and the bees love it.