I thought I’d end May with an overview of what’s growing on in the vegetable garden. Enjoy!
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Vegetable Garden Tour | Late May in Our Organic & Permaculture Inspired Kitchen Garden

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  • Fruit Nut

    Excellent tour mate. Please could you do a video about your Solar Tunnel? So far there is only one source in Surrey selling it and there isnโ€™t much information on YouTube or internet about it (not in English). I know you had it for years and it also looks like you have recently changed the cover? Please consider this request. Many Thanks, Vinny

  • matthew kyle

    Thank you for making this video showing us what you are growing in your garden and so many different things perfect and the video you just made had a nice lady giving great advice on how to grow one plant with another to help keep bugs away great thinking my friend I used chilli to grow in between keep bugs away and I just add chpped up chilli to water in a spray bottle and all bugs go away from anything I spray it on and I use bicarbonate of soda in a sprwy bottle for any mold or mildew build up around the place. Chilli flakes only cost a few dollars and add 2 or 3 tablespoons to a big container of water wait 24 hours the whole bin or whatever you use for watering and spray bottles to be refilled with over time and water anywhere you are having trouble like the carrots and they will never return. Everything hate chilli my friend take care and stay safe and keep up the great work God bless you and your family and friends peace be with you all.

  • hello hello

    Hi Huw great vid as always ๐Ÿ™‚ Please tell me more about how you got rid of your voles? I am growing in a rural area and they are digging under my raised beds and uprooting everything as quickly as i flatten everything down they are back tunnelling again ๐Ÿ™ I wouldnt mind but they have 5 acres to choose anywhere they like but they are liking my veg beds ๐Ÿ™

  • Freedom Forest Life

    Veggies and beds are looking really great – amazing footage too (loving the drone) I've managed to get parsnips going really easily this year, but struggling with carrots!! … opposite to last year!!! Every year has a different success' and challenge's I find! Peace and plants xx

  • Sean Tyrrell

    Hi Huw. We just discovered your channel… love it. The kids have already made the toilet roll pots from one of your early videos. Just one question, we are interested in using hay as mulch on veg beds as in one of your playlist, but in this video I couldn't see any. Have you moved on from that as an idea and if so, why? Cheers

  • Fluffinator

    What stores would you recommend to buy seeds? My husband and I are looking into buying a house and I'm very keen to start with a vegetable garden, but I moved from Sweden to the UK last year, and spent like half a year in lockdown so I haven't had the chance to figure out where to get everything haha… ๐Ÿ™