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Here’s a short garden tour of our little vegetable garden this year. When I was a stay at home dad I had a lot more time to garden and had tons of tomato and pepper plants. This year it’s an extremely downsized garden with only a few of each since I just didn’t have enough time to manage it properly. We’re gardening with about 1/4 of the garden we used to. Some garden is better than nothing though! Every piece of produce we pick can enhance our dinner table. Thanks for watching this video and feel free to visit me over at Don’t forget to subscribe! Plants pictures: Genovese basil, ‘Craig’s Grande’ Jalapeno Pepper, ‘Romanesco’ zucchini, ‘Woodle Orange’ tomato, Cinnamon basil, marigold, red mustard, Purple jalapeno pepper. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVegetable Garden Tour Mid August: A Vacation Watering Tip, Cucumber Seed Saving, Cool Season CropsVegetable Garden Tour (Autumn 2018)Everyone Can Grow A Garden 2018 #15: Vegetable Garden Tour (June)Everyone Can Grow A Garden (2018) #28 Sept. Vegetable Garden TourEveryone Can Grow a Garden (2018) #19 Vegetable Garden Tour – JulyCOMPLETE Vegetable Garden Update – July 10, 2018 | LucasGrowsBest

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