Garden writer Susan Mulvihill takes you on a tour of her vegetable garden in late July. Included are updates on different crops, tips, techniques, cultivar recommendations, and even information on a few things that haven’t gone as planned. From Susan’s in the Garden,

Vegetable Garden Tour #3: Everyone Can Grow a Garden (2019) #24

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  • Elizabeth Myers

    Thank you for sharing! So much good information. I'm going to try covering my swiss chard and beets next year. What did you use to make the hoops for your vegetable beds? Thanks.

  • Garden Gnome

    I am definitely going to try that trombone zucchini next year. Thanks for the recommendation. Love seeing the the garden, thanks for making the videos.

  • Heather Gerrish

    Thanks for sharing! I just started my first garden this year and your channel inspires me to keep trying new things and to take everything as a learning experience. Your joy is contagious. 🙂

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