Garden author Susan Mulvihill takes you on a virtual tour of her vegetable garden in late June. She shares plenty of tips along the way. From Susan’s in the Garden,

Susan gardens in Spokane, Wash. While most of the area is in hardiness zone 6, her garden is in a microclimate, making it zone 5b.

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Vegetable Garden Tour #2 (June): Everyone Can Grow a Garden (2021) #27

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  • MrMadeyouBlush

    Hi Susan. Can you ask bill why both my pepper plants and tomatillos are dropping their blossoms after flowering and not setting fruit? I’m regular with my watering, plenty of bone meal in the soil, can’t think of why this is happening. I’ve got very healthy soil and chopped hay mulch. I thought it may be a pollination problem but now I can rule that out as I have 600 leaf cutter bees. Would love your thoughts. My tomatillos are 5 ft tall, looking amazing but no set fruit.

  • jennifer perry

    Hi Susan,
    I’m here in the Okanagan of BC and we are having extreme heat. 41degrees today. During the day some of my tomatoes and peppers look stressed but rebound at night. Any tips for extreme heat? Any tips would be welcome. I’m watering twice a day, is that to much?

  • Chris B

    I love the trellis idea for the beans. I bought some cattle panel this year and planted my beans. I just finished watching an older video you did on pole beans and notice you planted the beans inside the trellis. I should have watched that first. I planted mine on the outside of the trellis thinking that would make it easier for the beans to fall through the holes for picking. How do get the beans to cling to the trellis from the inside instead of just falling towards the path? Do you have to tie them? Mine are starting to grab onto the holes, but as I mentioned I planted them on the outside. Should be an interesting year. Thanks for your videos. They're very informative.

  • Joyce D'Agostino

    Thanks Susan, your garden looks great. I am in zone 6b, about when would you recommend a spring planting of broccoli? I grew some last spring, they slowly grew all summer and then finally produced in the late summer/early fall. We also had the extreme heat here too, it seems to be over at least for a while so things seem to be recovering! I am growing Chef's Choice orange this year too, hope mine turn out as well as yours. I know what you mean about the sneezes, the heat seems to have made the pollen worse and here in the West also getting some wildfire smoke in the air. Enjoy that beautiful artichoke!

  • Christine Wiet

    I thoroughly enjoyed the tour today Susan. Congratulations on the overwintered artichoke! I’m trying Tavor artichoke for the first time in my garden, based on your recommendation. It’s coming along, but quite a bit behind! I hope it catches up in time to produce some edible fruit before the cold comes! Rockford MI

  • Nanaslegacy

    Your garden looks so nice! I also have hip high corn so far it’s doing great! I’m really worried about the coming heat, I don’t see how any plant can handle triple digits! Especially if it gets to 120! What are you going to do to protect your plants?