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Join garden writer Susan Mulvihill for a tour of her vegetable garden: learn what’s growing great, pick up a few tips, and find out what’s not going so well. From Susan’s in the Garden, Related PostsEveryone Can Grow a Garden (2018) #19 Vegetable Garden Tour – JulyVegetable Garden Tour Late July: Tomato Tips, Journal, Ups, Downs & Daily Harvest4th of July Garden Tour | Garden Design | Vegetable Gardening | Container GardeningFull July Vegetable Garden Tour – Food I Grow in My Backyard in SummerVegetable Garden Tour | July in our Organic and Permaculture Inspired No Dig Vegetable GardenVegetable Garden Tour #3: Everyone Can Grow a Garden (2019) #24

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  • Jeanne Kinlund 3 days ago

    I'm having the same problem with my paste tomatoes. All the other tomatoes are doing great.

  • Christine Byrnes 3 days ago

    Just discovered your videos and really enjoying them. Did you ever find out what the issue was with the tomatoes? Interested to hear what fertiliser you use and how often for them. Thanks!

  • Marilyn Clark 3 days ago

    As always, your garden inspires me. I enjoyed and learned something from this video.

  • Val Jalava 3 days ago

    Yes my tomatoes are doing the same thing,,and I don’t seem to have very many tomatoes in my green house like 6 out of 9 plants

  • Val Jalava 3 days ago

    I notice my squash has black on the bottoms of the fruits ,,I guess to much rain I live in Abbotsford Bc canada and we’ve had it very wet and cool summer so far

  • Boen 3 days ago


  • Heather MacDonald 3 days ago

    Always a pleasure to hang out with you in your garden, Susan. Thanks. 🙂

  • Marie Quite Contrarie 3 days ago

    Hi Susan, so great to see your garden thriving! It sure seems to produce a LOT of food! Where did you find the tulle that you have over the hoops?

  • diane hall 3 days ago

    Susan- Thank you for the lovely garden tour. We are just at the beginning of creating raised beds on our woodland side yard. Zone 4-B and about 7-8 hrs of sun. Land is slightly sloped, so a bit of a challenge. Our mini green house has a door on the front and a window on the back. I decided to experiment this year and planted summer squash, zucchini, beans, lettuce and pak choy. The pak choy is very happy. The squash is getting so huge it is falling over!
    Hopefully we will have some harvest out of it , but it was constructed more for fall and spring.

  • M Larson 3 days ago

    Try using tomato-tone organic fertilizer.
    I have 1early girl tomato that looks like your paste tomatoes.
    The rest are fine.
    The fertilizer is doing the trick.
    Zone 8b, Portland.

  • kaisenji 3 days ago

    We also have New England pie as well but cut the vines back for only three pumpkins as it is only two of us. Not bad at all from six year old seeds!

  • kaisenji 3 days ago

    We found some tokyo squash and watermelon buried in leaves. XD Canelope four so far coming in. We think the tomatoes will drown us as are the zucchini and cucumbers. Hubby says he is totally fine with that. XD

  • ko dule 3 days ago

    SWISS CHARD, my Swiss chard are Monster, idk why they were like 20 to 25 in long,

  • oh2bon2r 3 days ago

    Hi Susan! Can you tell me where you bought your bean arbor from? Thanks! Michelle

  • Carla Craft 3 days ago

    Excellent video, Susan! Very entertaining, to the point, very informative, and lovely garden all as usual.❤

  • Nan Russell 3 days ago

    Thank you for showing your problems along with your successes. It helps us learn along with you. Does your husband's different varities of pepper plants ever cross pollinate, or don't peppers do that?

  • Kris K 3 days ago

    Susan, your garden is looking good compared to mine over here on the west side of the cascades. I've had trouble with summer squash and green beans this year. Go figure! Rain rain go away! Growing tomatoes outside has never done well for me over here in the Convergence zone but they are thriving in my new high tunnel this year and peppers looking good too. But boy oh boy am I jealous of Bill's peppers. We must know his secrets! Love your videos!

  • Rosarium Garden Center 3 days ago

    Lovely, exciting veggie garden

  • noelleQB 3 days ago

    Harvested green arrows this week. They are an excellent pea.