Its finally time to sort out our vegetable garden and we get some new toys to help us with general maintenance around the farm. Theo from @The Indie Projects makes another cameo appearance too! check it out!


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Vegetable Garden Prepping | PORTUGAL FARM LIFE S3-E21 ⚡

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  • kumara karunarathne

    Hi I am really addicted your channel I am Sri Lankan who wrote you before also now I am back in Maldives for my job in hotel Adaaran huduranfushi we have many South African and Portuguese surfers even now . As I said earlier if you ever visit this pat of the world pls let me know good luck to both of you and lovely pets

  • Paul Cox

    Good to see the veg garden all prepped. If you need to buy fresh veg seeds you should try a really good organic seed company , Sementes Vivas, They have a good online shop and are based very near you. Check out their website.

  • Will

    Eyup from Derbyshire. I have started dreaming of living on a farm in Portugal on my 40 minute commute to work each day. Is this the beginning of going down the Portugal Rabbit hole?

  • Bukaru Sturmjäger

    you need a ride on mower, cut a bigger border around the house to deter sneaky predators.
    I have never lost a single hen to a predator. However, a pigeon made a seriously bad decision in trying to steal the chickens food. I thought the pigeon had exploded looking at all the feathers on the ground. Chickens are very defensive.

  • Bertie W

    Three seasons and 21 episodes but it was well worth the wait to see you putting a shift in, Ken! I always knew there was more to you than drinking beer and braai . 😉 The farm is looking brilliant! Well done!

  • Mike Hunnam

    Hello both, do you pay "Council"tax on Land, understand buying and selling taxation but if its only land fo you pay annual Council tax? Im buyng a piece of land to garden but the house Im also buying is separate and in the village I like, cant get the two together!

  • Mad Pete

    Get old free carpet and lay it between the vege beds – it stops weeds for free.
    Electric fence around the property – start at 50mm of the ground – so ferrets and stoats get a good zap. Then a few more every 50 to 100mm – then you can have bigger gaps.
    This will discourage almost everything (and stop the dogs getting out too).
    Use the same philosophy as you did getting the rotary hoe/tractor – more is better (more powerful unit can be turned down).

  • Patricia Hawkes

    I would have got the poly tunnel up and running first. I wouldn't have used a rotavator, I would just turn the grass over in clumps and it mulches down, leave it to rot down then add the rotted sheep manure.

  • Stanley Lima

    Great investment guys,well needed.Keep adding all you can to ur rotivator sure it's going do lots of work around ur farm for you guys.Ken you did great job cultivating the veggie patch,and your lawn.Gina good luck with ur new season of veggies.All best to you both.Cheers

  • fraslavko1

    Your're doing a nice job as a farmer. good to see the pups and chickens still roaming around. have you considered a portable chicken tractor so that the chickens can fertilize the fields and be safey locked in when you are not home? electric fencing is great too..Gina I hope you are back to 100% on your legs.