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  • darrin8112 7 months ago

    Dam what a spread looks freaking awesome thanks for all of your videos and info you got my subscription

  • David Michael 7 months ago

    Hey Donald…….Dave Michael here. Disabled Veteran from West Virginia. Is the Cop Netting re-usable? You know…..roll it back up at the end of the season, and re-use it next year.

  • lakesideinc 7 months ago

    just wanted to say,, this works great… i do the same in my garden but with bigger circles and triangles of concrete wire,,, but as with all the circle trellis, the weeds grow in the middle and are a pain in the butt to get too… the last couple years i've cut a circle of plain brown card board for the inside and planted the cucumber just to the outside, this works great , and by the end of the season the cardboard is mush and can be tilled right into the soil 🙂    …   also if you use flat concrete wire, cut them in 3 ft width , connect 3 together ( with hog rings or wire ties) to make a triangle… these are very strong,,,if you temp connect the 3rd section , they also can be tri folded flat to put away for the winter…. love your videos 🙂 … i've just aquired 2 acres of land and have big plans,,, guess i should get a video camera… lol

  • BoyYardee 7 months ago

    Is the rammer, that is used on the posts, homemade or store bought?

  • jaytol1 7 months ago

    your absolutely right my soil was very dry and the green house was to hot they look better now thanks donald, ps this is my first time growing them.

  • trickyricky61 7 months ago

    Way up here in the land of yankees in Maine, I Start my cukes in December in the greenhouse and trellis them until they get about 3-4 foot tall, then move them outside. Growing them in the Greenhouse makes them too sensitive and needy. Heat,humidity, water, Fertilizer, soil Fungus can multiply potential problems. I also move my pepper plants outside after they get about 3 ft. tall and are strong enough to take some wind.

  • webcajun 7 months ago

    A few things that come to mind. The first being too much fertilizer, the second you’re letting the soil dry out and the third maybe ??? getting too hot inside the greenhouse. Why not plant your seeds directly into the garden, no need to start cucumber in pots…..Donald

  • jaytol1 7 months ago

    hi donald my plants are growing to about 3-4" then the leaves start to dry out then the plant will die any clues to what is doing this they are in my green house thanks jason.

  • webcajun 7 months ago

    It’s regular fencing (Hog Wire) that I purchased from a local lumber yard. I would recommend concrete reinforcement wire, taller and more sturdy…..Donald

  • Ron Wygant 7 months ago

    Where do you get the wire fence?

  • Nerdybudy19 7 months ago

    Thank you so much :). Very sweet of you :).

  • webcajun 7 months ago

    Yes they'll climb on their own…..Donald

  • webcajun 7 months ago

    Post driver…..Donald

  • Daniel B 7 months ago

    Hello monsieur, how do you call that tool you use to plant the metal post? thanks for your videos.

  • webcajun 7 months ago

    Planted a few tomatoes yesterday and this morning I’m soar. : ) …..Donald

  • Johnny Fontenot 7 months ago

    Mr.Donald – Love your vids and recently heard you were laid up? Hope you are well recovered sir from Johnny out in Laguna Beach Ca.

  • webcajun 7 months ago

    You may also find they’ll grow a little straighter and keeping em off the ground a little cleaner……Donald

  • James Mann 7 months ago

    I'll be vertically gardening my cucumbers this year as last year I didn't and the winter squash kind of towered over them blocking their sun. So hopefully I will get a whole lot more and be able to do some pickling.

  • webcajun 7 months ago

    Yes, thin them out to the healthiest 2-3…Donald

  • JOhn doe 7 months ago

    6 seeds per cage, do you thin them out? Thanks for your time