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Irrigation systems can be a bear to put together. But this segment will show you an easy and fast way to get your garden watered in no time. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBeginners Vegetable Gardening : Small Garden Irrigation IdeasMiami Vertical Garden and Living Wall Irrigation SystemBuild a Hydroponic Drip Irrigation Bucket SystemHow to Make Drip Irrigation | Plant Watering System | Cheap Garden Ideas | Muft Ka IdeaTomato Watering System – Growing a Vegetable GardenHow to install a reliable drip system for your vegetable garden (菜园自动滴灌系统)

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  • Cordelia Giles 2 years ago
  • Minda Tadesse 2 years ago

    it is interesting one

  • Evan Stafford 2 years ago

    Great irrigation techniques.

  • Jennifer Kang 2 years ago

    what is the website where I can go and see the details of the product?

  • Usc529 (Jay) 2 years ago

    did you get the fertilzer and hoses when you bought the drip irrigation and looks like its plugged into the pressure regulator?

  • 305silverado 2 years ago

    I know two other companies located in San Diego CA, that manufacture quality dripate, Rodrip and T tape. They are part of John Deere. Try them !

  • archie868 2 years ago

    It will last for ever as long as you keep it out of the sun? Are you an idiot or what?

  • archie868 2 years ago

    Just shove that up there in this piece of plastic? L.O.L.

  • cpflaumer 2 years ago

    @treemarble Why do you say if you permaculture, you don't need an irrigation system? Please, explain. I, honestly, would like to know.

  • gardenvespers777 2 years ago

    This is easy I have it in my raised beds.