John from fails at growing melons growing up a trellis in the desert in 110+ degree heat.

In this episode, you will learn what happened to John’s melon vines that were growing up a trellis in the summertime. You will discover how John handles gardening failure and what you can learn from his failure.

You will discover 9 steps for overcoming failure in your garden or in life. You will learn how to move past your failure so you can be successful in gardening and in life.

After watching this episode, you will learn 9 tips you can use to get over your gardening failure and learn how failure can make you a more successful organic gardener.

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Vegetable Garden FAIL – What You Can Learn From My Failure

| Gardening Education | 18 Comments
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  • Steve Knight

    Hi John I grow alot of stuff up on a similar sort of trellis. I found by covering them with shade cloth early afternoon, it takes the heat and direct sun off them and they will flourish. Best of luck to you.

  • Irma Gonzalez

    Jhonn tku u are the best people complein for the long videos me personal i like them becouse i been learning a lot from them keep doing a grate job

  • gary sugarsandfarm

    Oh yeh, some fly some die. As you have said in more than one of your vids.,,,find out what will grow well in our areas . But dont quit hurricane Irma took out fifteen years of garden effort in 15hrs. But we grow on because its in our DNA.

  • Ruth P

    Damage control, emergency watering, etc., I am in NorCal and it's crazy hot here too! What is happening to the weather?! Thanks for this video — it is validating.


    Wanted to ask i have alto of morning glory's in my yard. ..year after year they bloom in the morning beautiful. ..but this year in lower Louisiana its been way hotter. ..they are living and growing. ..but not blooming but one or two each morning. ..what's your thoughts on this. ..

  • James Webster

    Fox News is reporting that a pure vegan diet is not as healthy as one might think. They claim vegans are deficient of B-12 supplement that is contained in red meat. Please look into this and let us know what you think.

  • Tex Gal

    Sometimes I can't believe what comes out of your mouth. Your abortion comment went too far. It's not something to joke about. Disgraceful and stupid John.

  • Gilbert Bigelow

    I live across town. I am growing Armenian Cucumbers up a wire mess that is painted green sold at home depot. No problems.
    However, I am noticing that ground covering plants grown up a trellis will not live as long as those on the ground by a couple of weeks to a month.

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