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In this video: Pasta salad, pancakes & lasagna! ✿PATREON: ✿FACEBOOK: ✿INSTAGRAM: ✿ETSY: ★SONG BY: David Szesztay “Sweet Water” ★My blender: Ninja 1100 watts (model bl660c) ~GLUTEN-FREE PANCAKES~ -1 cup oats -1 cup non-dairy milk -1 banana (I added a tbsp of vanilla extract and frozen raspberries, this is optional, just add what you like or leave it with the 3 ingredients listed!) *Blend oats into a flour. Add non-dairy milk and banana (+ any additional ingredients of choice). Blend, then stir in frozen fruit. Pour batter onto heated pan, once the corners start to turn brown and the top bubbles, flip over and cook for another few minutes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a mother, I feel it’s very important to teach our children about different foods. THEY are the future. These days, so many kids grow up with fast food with very little nutrition and fail to even recognize a simple tomato. –Ways to teach your kids about food: 1. Grow a garden. This will get kids to want to try the yummy fresh veggies they grew themselves. They will feel proud! 2. Take them shopping with you. Get them to help put things in the cart. You can also let them pick out their own fruit and veggies. 3. Cooking. Let them help you prepare meals. They can take things out of the fridge, wash fruit/vegetables, mash, stir… This will get them excited to try healthy foods. 4. Bake with them. Baking is fun and you can find many recipes online to replace sugar, oil and animal by-products. 5. Let younger children play with their food. They will squish it in their hands, smell it and eventually taste it! This is very important for development. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Check out what my vegan toddler eats every week for meal […]

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  • Quinn K 1 year ago

    What is the best way to completely lean off of meat and dairy? I am trying to really lean off all types of products like dairy and meat, but I am finding it hard to find the right foods to replace them with. Any suggestions? Thank you & great video

  • veganmamaof3 ! 1 year ago

    You're such a great mom! Can you pls do a week long food prep for working moms?

  • Sarah Loves Veggies 1 year ago

    That's such a nice garden!

  • Vegan Dog Lady 1 year ago

    What a nice day! I have greenhouse envy!! And that was so nice of your mom to make you a lasagna, it looked delicious!

  • hello brighteyes 1 year ago

    Aw, I love her little dress!

  • Aurelie Moroso 1 year ago

    what about b12?

  • Trystan Hughes 1 year ago

    This is wonderful I will have to borrow the pancake recipe! love to see more recipes like this

  • Beatriz M. 1 year ago

    Your daughter is so cute! Please make another grocery haul with her!

  • Monica Gonzales 1 year ago

    The music in this video is so soothing.. I love it.
    Again I have to say, your daughter is beyond precious. Love your channel =)

  • AJ Vadi 1 year ago

    Your videos are so soothing to watch. You're living life in such harmony. The way nature intended.

    Really beautifully done.

  • Neka Usher 1 year ago

    be sure to break up the roots before planting next time. helps the roots grow. love your videos by the way!

  • CurlyCarbivore 1 year ago

    All the gardening was wonderful! And that lasagna at the end seemed so yummy!

  • Mrs. Hashim 1 year ago

    What pan do you use that you need absolutely no oil or water?

  • BabyAlive Tales 1 year ago

    I thought Keira doesn't like to eat the vitamins alone

  • Mia Hall 1 year ago

    I would to see some vegan taco's or when you go out for dinner with friends where do you go for like vegan places because I live in Canada and I do not see many. btw I love your videos I have been vegan now for about 6 months 🙂 and its fun making my own food and your daughter is beautiful ❤

  • Vegan Family 1 year ago

    She looks so healthy and she is a sweetheart!