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Super intensive indoor shrimp culture farms supplying the “live” shrimp market in South Korea. There are over 50 indoor shrimp farms…and growing! Stocking density is 250-300 juveniles per m2. Survival in the 70%+ range. 90-120 DOC. Harvesting from 14-32 grams. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMaryland Indoor Shrimp Farm – America’s Heartlandbiofloc Indoor shrimp farmThe world’s first Indoor Shrimp Production System (ISPS)Business Daily _ Shrimp farming in the desertPi rack – vertical hydroponics – culture indoorGreen diamond aeroponic vertical – culture indoor

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  • ismail yousef 9 months ago

    need technical study…+2 01001170391 whats app

  • Somu reddy 9 months ago

    What is th pump capacity(HP) you are using for each 600 m2 raceway ?

  • asadsjoiya 9 months ago

    What's the typical yield per raceway? And each raceway is 600m2 or is that the total of 3? Thanks

  • Praveen Thottempudi 9 months ago

    Sir what is the layout called ? is it runways and how much did it cost for infrastructure? where are you located for me to visit and have a look

  • Aravind Nani 9 months ago

    this shrimp are you using salt water

  • Aravind Nani 9 months ago

    shrimp farm ki salt water use chayavocha sir