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The barn-like structure of this family vacation home echoes the design of surrounding farm buildings. There are two sides to every story – as seen in this vacation home on an historic farm property. Trends editorial director Paul Taylor looks at architect John Vinci’s design of the house. This substantial home on a historic farm property north of Chicago is full of contradictions and surprises. Architect John Vinci had already completed several projects on the farm –including a barn, museum and bridge – when the owners asked him to design a vacation home on site too. This new structure needed to comfortably accommodate all their adult children and their families at any give time. The site overlooked fields and waterways, which suggested a glass walled building to make the most of the views. But a modernist design would have been at odds with the rustic farm buildings on the other side of the site. Vinci’s solution was a dual approach to the building. His steep hip roofs and white stucco siding echo the look of classic farm buildings in the area. On the facades facing century-old dairy buildings on the property, Vinci retained a conservative look with windows and doors in proportion with those existing barns. But it’s a different story on the opposite façade. Here Vinci has essentially created a modern glass façade to overlook the rural views. And the pitch of the roof is broken by living spaces extending out. The four-story observation tower is another structure reminiscent of similar, older versions on two nearby barns. However, the new tower is also given a twist – with the wraparound windows breaking away from the traditional form. Entry to the house takes you directly into the double-height, central living room. This has a dramatically high ceiling that follows the […]

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  • ruapraia 1 year ago

    Whenever i hear the opening music of the TRENDS videos, i become so excited, because i know something good is coming, (smile) its almost a pavlovian response. Thanks for posting.