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Shilpa Guzar brings you top news stories in the agricultural and farming field in Agrowon. Watch Pune based Uttam Machale’s dairy farming and hydroponics technology success story. Video Rating: / 5 Spanish/Nat A farm in Venezuela is the first ever in the country to successfully develop the hydroponic system of farming. This highly complex system grows vegetables in water rather than soil, thus ensuring they grow free from disease and many of the chemicals used by other farms. Sales have increased dramatically this year with the growing trend of free-range products, and the owner of the San Pedro de los Altos farm is considering exporting his products. The soil in this area south of the capital Caracas is acknowledged in the international farming community as being one of the most fertile in the world. Here farmers grow fruit and vegetables of all varieties. For these traditional farm pickers though, a new system has changed their working lives. Silvio Velandia, born and bred in Venezuela, has successfully set up and developed the first hydroponic farm in the country. These vegetables, sold under the name ‘Hidroponias Venezolanas’ (Hydroponic Products of Venezuela) are grown and developed in water, without the use of soil. Through a complex system which involves adding the required nutrients to the water, vegetables free of chemicals and toxins are being grown bigger and tastier than those grown by traditional methods. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) “Hydroponics, hydroponic products are free of disease. Control is indispensable, quality control is indispensable. We control diseases very well by using high quality pesticides which prevent the attack to hydroponic products.” SUPER CAPTION: Anton Charles, Intern from Grenada The numerous vegetables being grown on the San Pedro de los Altos farm have captured the imagination of the Venezuelan population. Sales have increased dramatically this year which gives […]

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