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The GrowGrip is a great little device for holding plants in your deep water culture beds for hydroponic and aquaponic growing! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBEST OF DESIGN AQUAPONIC AND HYDROPONIC SYSTEMNelson & Pade hydroponic floating raft system in the N & P aquaponic system, UVIPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsHydroponic Aquaponic Indoor Grow SystemHow to Make a Hydroponic System Using PVC Pipe Photo GalleryHydroponic Gardening – System Using Miracle Grow For Hydroponics

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  • Cory Betts 8 months ago

    I am getting ready to start the new beds with the grow grips. my beds have an inside measurement of 94.5" x 34.5. I thought I should break up the grow beds into 4 sections. I understand about the high density foam for 2 weeks but how many plants should I have in regular beds? that is to ask hos close should the holes be?

  • Lars de Waardt 8 months ago

    I am for sure going to try this product when I am able to finally start

  • WhatAmI IsItInMe 8 months ago

    or just use pool noodles, works the same

  • Steve Taylor 8 months ago

    Great idea, I think you should use these instead of styro-peanuts for packing material

  • Adam Dagna 8 months ago

    I've got 100 of them coming. I am really excited to see how they work!

  • Joseph Millirons 8 months ago

    do you raise fish in the same tank

  • grease monkey 8 months ago

    I like how you can reuse them I want to try it

  • Michael Stoddard 8 months ago

    Love the info. Starting our system with Grow Grips this fall.
    Have you tried using a plastic peanut butter jar for the water in the wicking beds? They would be more stable as the lid is the same size as the jar.

  • marce iramain 8 months ago

    muy buen video saludos desde tucuman argentina

  • Becky Shaw 8 months ago

    I am thankful for you sharing such great and simple ways. the cost savings and saving growbed space is great idea. the grow clip is the trick. I'm greatfull for you sharing. marcus dowen south

  • Luke Wimkler 8 months ago

    hi i was intrested in using these grips but the websites seem to be in german is there any other sites you know of ?

  • UCSDdumbassJr 8 months ago

    What prevents the roots from drowning if you place them directly on top of the water? Awesome product!

  • eric matson 8 months ago

    What are the best hole saw sizes to use? I know they are 1 and 2 inch grips, but should the hole saw be slightly smaller to get a good, snug fit? Thanks

  • Clover 8 months ago

    Do you still start seeds in your crushed expanded shale bed? I'm either blind, or you've removed that video.

  • Craig Baron 8 months ago

    Love how you started the seedlings. How deep do you have the shale in the wicking bed?

  • Kelsey Morin 8 months ago

    loved the first section how how to start seedlings, I'll have the keep in mind for future. With the GrowGrips, I like how versatile and user friendly they are, my only hesitation from this product is disposing them after multiple uses. Like with aquaponics, there is not waste in a system and I try to do the same with my media. If there is a way to re-purpose or recycle the material, please comment. Thank you.

  • alpcats 8 months ago

    These are just too cool…

  • Jeff Sullivan 8 months ago

    I got in on your Kickstarter program but never received the GrowGrips.

  • sootedninjas 8 months ago

    I have about 2" of dry zone on top of my grow bed that runs on a flood with continuous flow and another grow bed with the same 2" dry zone on the top BUT ebb and flow (auto siphon).

    Can I use the GrowGrip and put a couple of seeds and plant the GrowGrip 1" deep directly on the aquaponics grow bed or should I plant it where the bottom of the Growgrip is barely touching the wet zone ?

    Do you think this will work and germinate the seeds on both the continuous flow and ebb /flow grow bed ?

    And once the seeds has germinated and becomes seedling, take it out of the GrowGrip and re-plant the seedlings directly to the grow bed.

  • David Hall 8 months ago

    Seeing the grow grips floating around on their own. Could you make an entire raft of that material and then have a slot that you can squeeze to place the plants? a bit like: O — O. I guess it probably depends on which material is cheaper.