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CityNews videographer Audra Brown tours one of the only facilities in the world that’s using fish to grow medical marijuana. Video Rating: / 5 A timelapse breakdown of how my indoor grow of a Cherry Blossom medicinal hemp seed went grown with a soil-less grow medium as well as a tutorial of everything I did for this grow. Like the content? Then check out The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Creating CBD Products From Scratch guide at Items I Used For This Grow: Rapid Rooters: Peat Moss: Perlite: Fabric Pot (My Favorite Brand): 3’x3’x6′ Grow Tent: Quiet 4′ Inline Fan: Carbon Filter: 200w COB Grow Light: Grow Fertilizer: Bloom Fertilizer: Plant Yo-yo: Pruning Snip: Want access to exclusive and early content? Join us on Patreon and help support this channel at Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROW2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROWHow to Grow Medical Marijuana Seed to Harvest E20 Hydroponics in RockwoolMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDEN! – GROWING CANNABIS IN GROW TENTSMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDENING! – GROW UPDATE ON 4 WEED PLANTSCurrent Culture H2O Marijuana Hydroponics Grow using the UnderCurrent System

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  • ?.??.? 1 month ago

    This in nice stuff

  • Semper Fidelis 1 month ago

    Bullshit on the yield per acre crap.

  • Richard Sanchez 1 month ago

    Repent Jesus is coming soon for his kingdom

  • Ruckus WhytCayk 1 month ago

    I hope this is link to the aquaponics other wise I'm messging them this is screwed up it's a gimmick no real science.
    So you feed your plants ammonia. In a low percentage it makes clean bacteria? Its indoor and already no pesticide supposedly… yet the amount of fish to the water doesn't create a ratio that makes sense your plants should be able to grow 15 feet high. Add your last two sips of coffee a single plant each day will make the plant more vibrant green. So do I grow it in coffee, no, your idea only made sense if it was in an outdoor green house if your going to further this, test it and use a light system during the night. Watch the new result of wider and just as potent yieldage, the water allows moisture to enter the leaves on evaporation wich actual allows it to be outdoor with no coverage im saying it has to have it side by side water source but hard to keep xtra light going at night with inscects around.
    Growing in a field of a certain type of flowers to types of trees enable a taste change.
    In a text of idea I was one year told to use I swear it was sugar to cure or he said a starch base wich made no sense thinking about it but will add a 8 percent taste change, bin too long since it was used. il have to re edit. And ask around this week to find out but ur plants look way to short even on a cloned rate.
    You might wanna do some more testing because I've known people to have some strange ideas and your job is to listen and do what your paid.
    Ur waters probably filtered. Now is it rain water or just "clean water" because I can drink creeks that test less like fish than what your feeding your plants.
    I hope to see some real growth and not because real growing companies didn't get validated because someone was messing with growing with fish. The bee harvesters got a sweeter idea

  • Jeremy Almas 1 month ago

    Set the fish free and fish them like a man.

  • PatTheRiot 1 month ago

    These fucking cry babies man. They literally shit on fishies all day no problem but use them to build a solid ecosystem and you're still bad. LOL. stfu already with the fish.

  • JBlaZe SMyth 1 month ago

    One time I'd scored some bud from the dispensary it smelled good when I bought it But damn when I took first hit it tasted like a rainbow trout I was like WTF and i smelled it from the packed bowl and smelled like a fuckin fish couldn't get no high too was weird took the damn rainbow kush outta my bowl and threw it away including what I'd scored and said fuck that

  • naseeba akbar 1 month ago

    I thought anything with a pH you say it like fo so when you say fone its spelled phone now aquaponics

  • willbur 420 1 month ago

    I've been growing weed for a very long time this is just wrong you have to feel some compassion for the fish

  • DEA 905 1 month ago

    So many fish in such a tight space wtf atleast give them proper space to love in

  • Yasmine Toeava 1 month ago

    Man this stupid as hell

  • Devan Garcia 1 month ago

    Some gassss

  • Jacob King 1 month ago

    Bruh thos roots are brown af

  • Scott Filippini 1 month ago

    This isnt new shit people been doin this forever

  • starion rule 1 month ago

    How do I set this up

  • Clone Ranger 1 month ago

    small buds, not very impressive. donate the fish to shelters, that is disgusting. Those fish are raised in water that contains their own waste, what do you think they are getting for food. Food-grade my ass.

  • Angelique 1 month ago

    What size is the fabric pot?

  • It's Okay 1 month ago

    I have some being sent to me from Lancaster PA. Cherry Blossom Wine. It's supposed to be 20%. Not sure if it's indistinguishable from THC or if it tastes burnt. I'll update here.

  • Jillian Oldfield 1 month ago

    I'm interested in how you manage to transplant the second seedling into a separate pot without harming it. It would be really helpful to see exactly what you do.

  • Garluth 1 month ago

    how long the whole process takes?

  • Garluth 1 month ago

    3:22 so in this growth time-line the hemp doesnt contain CBD and is not smokable?

  • Anthony Jean 1 month ago

    Where can I buy seeds?

  • E Lancaster 1 month ago

    Peat IS soil. This is in no means a hydroponic grow. Btw that Miracle Grow “potting mix” has a runoff of over 1800 ppm when I last tested it so it’s definitely not an inert medium. Try using all perlite or coco coir and perlite next time if you are going to call it a hydroponic grow.

  • zeba double c 1 month ago

    what is the white stuff u put on the pot?

  • M'R grow 1 month ago

    Gad blees you bro jah rasta

  • Servant of the TRUE GOD 1 month ago

    Quick question… Did you ph the water? And if so what was the ph?

  • Derek Frost 1 month ago

    Amazing. I use hemp sprouts for stir-fries, but now gonna try your method.. 🙂

  • Brady Morris 1 month ago

    Can you show the drying process

  • Wowie Albarracin Mcclaskey 1 month ago

    Ok I do grow indoor hemp with a passion for quality’s medicine for my patients benifit
    Then press the hemp flowers into a rosin concentrated cbd
    For real cbd medicine do not buy that trash cbd at convenient stores buy direct from the hempfarmfor amazing quality cbd

  • Wowie Albarracin Mcclaskey 1 month ago

    And yes I am for real on growing hemp indoorfor maximum control over mymedicine cbd grows
    Growing high quality cbd flower is mycalling
    Just putting my marijuana skills togoodise with hemp

  • Trainsmurf 1 month ago

    been with u since w33d in a pot thank you for not giving up, much support love your style of videos with great voice over quality

  • Wowie Albarracin Mcclaskey 1 month ago

    We’re can I get some quality seeds for my indoor hemp flower grow it is all new ?

  • Muayad Enad 1 month ago

    How can I get rid of the smell of marijuana?

  • 7X HARDER 1 month ago

    I wonder what the dry weight was in the end? Also when I start growing, I am planning on producing 150g per month with a monthly grow cycle. Would you recommend a 600w light for that amount of yield? I don't want to break out more than 4 plants at once, so with a 2×4 and 5×5 grow space I'm hoping I can achieve this. My eyes are on the spiderfarmer sf4000 and sf2000 models, I believe they could get the job done but a second opinion never hurts 🙂

  • Craig Pitchford 1 month ago

    I got a question I'm new to growing hemp and I was wondering how long does it typically take for hemp to grow I had a seed sprout but its barley started growing and it sprouted on November 20th and it's on a 12/12 cycle