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In this week’s news, we preview the new retractable roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium and take a behind-the-scenes look at the US Open’s transformation. Video Rating: / 5 In this video, Asktoddmiller discusses metal roofing options available to homeowners in terms of product design, metals, and coatings. Modular and vertical seam panels are discussed as well as steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Todd also explains the coatings used on metal roofs as well as the fastening methods. If you’re considering a metal roof, this is great background information. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMr. Charles live @ Brown Roof Open MicShipping container house – Green roofDesjardins unveils the tallest indoor living wall in the worldOptigrPrairie Green RoofGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.


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  • mickser101 1 year ago

    The Knicks should play there in an exibition

  • quest 123 1 year ago

    That's nice! Best grand slam of the year

  • tlaloc1525 1 year ago

    So King Kong is out of the Olympics.

  • Rosely Robinson 1 year ago

    Very Cool!!! Love going to the US OPEN…

  • Madoda 1 year ago

    Really great news, looking forward to new Arhur Ashe roof and Armstrong in 2018. Also Grace Carter is an amazing presenter

  • Steve Michael 1 year ago

    exciting changes. the roof on Ashe looks awesome! looking forward to the open.

  • BrotherWoody1 1 year ago

    Great news! What's the latest on that dump at Roland Garros?

  • Elizabeth B SoCal 1 year ago

    Looking forward to seeing all the changes in person next year!

  • Xnaldo gaming 1 year ago


  • Chris S 1 year ago

    It's ROOF….NOT RUFF….gueezzzzzzzz

  • Justin Crediblename 1 year ago

    doesn't most aluminum degrade at about 1/3rd the rate of copper…per unit weight?
    People can install a structural metal roof on top of decking… (like I did on my garage)  But I guess most people wouldn't because the costs are generally higher for structural roofing?
    I would have appreciated cost comparisons over time between the different types and materials

  • Todd Miller 1 year ago

    Thanks, kastnmagic. Feel free to contact me anytime. 

  • GlueFactoryBJJ 1 year ago

    This video was informative, but would have been notably better if you had shown pictures (like a slideshow) with the narration!