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America’s midwest is one of the great agricultural zones of the world. The wheat, corn and soybean fields feed millions around the world. And to help meet de… Related Posts[Money Monster] Rise of vertical farming in the cityProfits From Eco-friendly Vertical Farming Stack UpBuilding the World’s First Vertical Farming City | Jack Griffin | TEDxWilmingtonAbout City Gardens USA Vertical FarmingSakthi Engineering College – EXNORA – Vertical farming- City FarmingTop 20: Vertical Farming – die optimale Revolution der Landwirtschaft?

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  • Eric Martin 5 years ago

    You can thank your local Cannabis grower for all this wonderful technology!

  • Uhemai Notmeh 5 years ago

    GMO POISON ???

    Everything from US is suspicious.?

  • soulglow8 5 years ago

    It will be better if they only build such farms on the roof top of a
    building enclosed by a green house type glass enclosure to save on energy.
    The artificial lighting they are using now costs enormous amount of
    electricity & it also reduces the quality of chlorophyll produced in the
    green vegetables.?

  • Erad Stomper 5 years ago

    how much coal ur burning to power those light?

    It’s far from eco, it’s a huge waste of energy.?

  • Jimmy in Mexico 5 years ago

    This is an awesome system. I am growing basil on the porch of my apartment
    using fish to fertilize the water. The water feeds the plants, and the
    plants filter the water so that it is clean for the fish. Aquaponics is
    better than hydroponics because it doesnt need the expensive fertilizers to
    feed the plants. ?

  • helixdq 5 years ago

    This is supposed to be eco friendly now ?!
    Normal: plant grows using energy directly from the sun. The ground can be
    fertilized with literally shit.
    “Eco” 24/7 neons over every plant. Giant tank full of dirty grease as fuel
    to grow plants. Fish ? For some reason. Lmao.
    You want to grow plants indoors and off-season ? It’s called a freakin
    greenhouse. At least you’d still be using the sun. That’s why eating plants
    is “eco” in the first place, because they trap sun energy which is free for
    all to use. Otherwise you might as well eat bacon all day.?

  • Ben Connor 5 years ago


  • funtari 5 years ago

    Well it’s about high time?

  • naniyoussef 5 years ago

    Amazing :D?

  • LordOfDaCyborgMOOSE 5 years ago

    Indoor farming isnt just for weed anymore!?

  • Itsdakronic 5 years ago

    Which idiots gave this video thumbs down??

  • Ashfaq Hussain 5 years ago

    Vertical Farming in Chicago, US.?

  • soulglow8 5 years ago

    As Chicago has very cold winters, the heating cost is still necessary
    whether using a glass top green house on a roof top or an “artificial
    daylight” growing environment totally indoors under cover!!
    During the summer, the glass top green house would save much more energy
    when it’s exposed to natural sunlight ! Then they would have to monitor
    the water temperature so that it would be suitable for the fish to live
    healthily in an enclosed water pool. ?

  • Getsuga Tensh? 5 years ago

    The Future Behold!?

  • BlueWindTv 5 years ago

    shut up about saying its the future, ALRIGHT ALREADY?

  • Drew Tustin 5 years ago

    Want to add stimulus to an economy? Throw incentives to pioneers like
    these people. Green industry is the future, not only will it be
    profitable, but it is absolutely necessary.?