John from visits an Urban Farm in Sacramento to find out whats growing on. In this episode you willdiscover some the techniques they use at this urban farm to grow food. You will also see two chicken tractors. In addition you will learn about heirloom red okra, as well as how John loves to harvest Artichoke Pollen.
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Urban Vegetable Gardening in Sacramento and Harvesting Artichoke Pollen

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  • Kira Lee S

    Bahahaha~~~I'm laughing so hard right now.
    You are so funny….XD
    Thank you so much for such a fun video:)

  • David Adams

    @kathpetit Hey, I'm in Atlanta! Have you thought about finding shaded, partly shaded, or mostly shaded spots to grow in? Also, I don't know what your process for growing, but something works for me is starting from seed. That way from day one (okay… maybe day two 😉 ) they are aware of what to expect as far as sun/shade goes. I've actually got carrots and kale growing in this heat in the sun and they are supposed to prefer the cold because I started from seed. Ones I transplanted failed.

  • KayakFisher01

    I would love to have a dollar for every time John says "basically". and "Like".

    Though I have been accused of saying "like" way too much. Like an 80's Valley Girl on speed.

    And I have never seen ANYBODY tongue an artichoke, period. That was plain weird. Made me uncomfortable. Though yes, it would make a great t-shirt.

  • InstrumentalArcanum

    I just looked up this place on google maps. That place is gigantic . What would you recommend for a apartment balcony ?…

  • kathpetit

    Always look forward to your videos. I have some young plants that are not doing well in the hot Georgia sun; can you give me an idea of what kind of shadecloth I might buy. They come in strengths of 30-90%. What would you recommend?

  • chova23

    I think that's the first time I watched a youtube gardening video that got me that excited. lol The knowledge your share in your videos is priceless, but your humor is just as appreciated. 🙂

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