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John from goes on a field trip to Urban Organics in St. Paul, Minnesota to share with you the first certified organic commercial aquaponic indoor farm that he has ever seen. This farm is was built in an area with a depressed economy and is utilizing the old Hamms beer brewery to create jobs and economic growth for the area. In this episode you will get a full tour of the Urban Organics Aquaponics facility to see a commercially viable organic, aquaponic farm that is growing local food indoors. You will discover how aquaponics is more sustainable than the current agriculture system, how aquaponics works, the inputs being used as well as how they DO NOT use raw fish pop and pee to feed their plants like most aquaponics systems and farms do. You will discover some of the facts that sets Urban Organics apart and how indoor aquaponics has the potential to change the current food system system of today that is broken. Learn more about Urban Organics at: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY Aquaponics Indoor Systems – (Aquarium Fish Tank, Vertical Farming and Mini Tanks)Learn Tilapia Fish Farming The DIY Aquaponics Wayaquaponics fish | aquaponics fish tank | how to aquaponicsAquaponics Systems Explained | Hydroponic Gardening With FishAquaponics: What is Aquaponics? Using Fish, Plants And Rocks To Replicate Earths Natural CyclesPee Pee-ponics experiment results- hydroponics without the chemicals, aquaponics without the fish.

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  • Kyle Homan 1 year ago

    The nitrogen cycle is still taking place in the rocks and other places. The filter probably does a great job but it's happening elsewhere too.

  • Ni Yao 1 year ago

    Maybe write a script and condense the information… Like 9/10 words you say are extraneous or repetitive.

  • Samer Azar 1 year ago

    Thank you for this interesting video. I wonder if the fishes were somehow contaminated, would the whole crop be damaged?

  • Samer Azar 1 year ago

    Thank you for this interesting video. I wonder if the fishes were somehow contaminated, would the whole crop be damaged?

  • Donna Pope 1 year ago

    I really like your videos!  This is a good video.  Here is my question John:  is there any research on using rabbit manure to feed the fish in an aquaponics system? Other than fish food and duck weed what manure can I use to feed the fish in the system.

  • mef1975 1 year ago


  • Mary Thompson 1 year ago

    I Always enjoy your videos.

  • Darth Belal 1 year ago

    The Achilles heel of an aquaponic system is that it's power intensive.  Pumps, lights, indoor climate control, etc all require electrical power.  An aquaponic system like this can go to hell in a few hours without that power.

    No, I'm not poo-pooing the idea, far from it.  I LOVE the concept.  However, for aquaponics to truly take off, we're going to need a comprehensive plan on how to generate the electricity needed.

  • juki0h 1 year ago

    all aquaponics is organic regardless

  • SavageRecordings 1 year ago

    Hey John,
    I love watching these videos and learning from you. I would loe to see more aquaponics stuff, and also, your medicinal marijuana garden. I'm in the process of getting my card, and I would love to see how you grow your medicine.

  • Melvin Gunter 1 year ago

    That Rocks!

  • Imara Dinkins 1 year ago

    I can't imagine building a system without considering the need for mechanical and biological filtration. surprised to hear people miss that part of the aquaponics set up

  • MsFredwina 1 year ago

    There are tons of people that grow this way, they are not the first.

  • EGMakesStuff 1 year ago

    Did somebody punch you in the mouth? What is on your lip?

  • Kevin Smith 1 year ago

    John called the square window "circular" … lolll

  • Nguyen Hai Do 1 year ago

    I've written down the detail by detail Do it yourself aquaponics system that all newbie could easily use.

  • Logan N (log000) 1 year ago

    I didn't know there was a commercial aquaponics system so close to me!

  • notaras1985 1 year ago

    so whats the purpose of this whole complexity? cleaner greens?