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  • Daniel Jackson 11 months ago

    Curious, why turn the water pump on and off every 15 minutes?

  • MoonRose Fairy 11 months ago

    Hey thanks for sharing. I am curious to know if you have any problems with gnats in either aquaponic or soil garden if so how do you deal with that problem without using chemicals.

  • James Pelletier 11 months ago

    algae are probably eating most of the food that is for the plants so you would need to solve that to help the other plants grow i think.

  • Are there crickets in the background? 

  • Enrique Goitia 11 months ago

    What lights so yoy use? T8 and how did toy add thyme into hydroponics 

  • Jeremiah 11 months ago

    Nice view! 

  • Jordynarz 11 months ago

    Hey great video! May I suggest wrapping the sun side of the fish tank with white reflective material? So the light doesn't go directly into the tank. It might help the algae problem. Maybe get tons of feeder fish in there might produce some good poop ha

  • JT Bear 11 months ago

    I suspect you already know this, but if you cut the flowers off of your basil plants it will put more energy into those tasty leaves for you …
    Looking good!