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Watch and read more here about Urban Farms: Growing one’s own food in urban areas can seem like a far-fetched idea. But not for one Pasadena family. The Dervaes family has been growing their own food for more than a decade. They’ve been at the forefront of urban homesteading by growing thousands of pounds of food annually in an average-size backyard. “I brought the country to the city rather than having to go out to the country,” said Jules Dervaes, the man behind the self-sufficient farm he created with his three adult children. The Dervaes’ urban homestead is sustainable and dense. They grow and raise 400 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and edible flowers that amount to about 6,000 pounds of food a year, enough to feed the family with surplus left over to sell. Fresh eggs from chickens round out their diet. The family-owned city farm is the talk of the town for many local chefs looking to cook up a tasty meal. The family makes roughly ,000 just from selling their freshly grown produce. They use the money to buy staples that they can’t grow like wheat, rice, and oats. Reporter Val Zavala visits the Dervaes’ homestead to find out what inspired Jules Dervaes to go green in the extreme. Watch all SoCal Connected videos here: SoCal Connected articles, videos, and more: Like Socal Connected on Facebook: Follow Socal Connected on Twitter: Follow SoCal Connected on Instagram: Follow SoCal Connected on Vine: Follow SoCal Connected on Google+: Follow SoCal Connected on tumblr: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsUrban Gardening with City Beet Farm on Shaw TVHome Town Farms: The New Vertical Urban FarmGalactic Farms: Indoor urban agriculture with Bioponics and AquaponicsHOME TOWN FARMS.. Vertical Organic Urban FarmingUrban Gardening: Window Farms […]


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  • Brett Holt 1 year ago

    Bet the neighbors love smells from the goats, the noises of the chickens, and the added traffic of a business being run from a residential house.

  • abdul karim 1 year ago

    brilliant idea!

  • TPPvincent 1 year ago

    Great! Respect for their perserverence and positive thinking!!

  • Krishna Tiwari 1 year ago

    this video changed
    my mind

  • assar 906 1 year ago

    Anise is nice name.

  • Bauyrzan Bakirov 1 year ago


  • ghayath2011 1 year ago

    This is my dream

  • Dances with Ghosts Quick Spirit Quiet Fox 1 year ago

    oh god please just give me land!!!!!!!  in time i will get some land and share with all

  • eidolon72 1 year ago


  • Msmarginalka 1 year ago


  • LancelotGraal 1 year ago

    Wow, amazing! That's dedication! 😀 😀 

  • treasureinvessel 1 year ago

    wow @ 5:00 the plants get as much water as they need by claypots 

  • treasureinvessel 1 year ago

    40 * 30m @1200m2

  • SuperRamanuja 1 year ago

    Diana there is allowed to grow in the backyard. Not in the ftont of  a house

  • SuperRamanuja 1 year ago


  • KidsofNature 1 year ago

    WOW! We're very impressed! Thanks for sharing.

  • Diane Peters 1 year ago

    Wonderful, but I'm surprised the government hasn't raided and destroyed this garden and jailed this family.