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This video covers some of the details of maintaining a healthy and robust environment for microgreens. Enjoy. Our GoFundMe Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVerticle, indoor urban farming is turning out primo produce for local chefsBenefits of Red Worms (Red Wigglers) in Gardening Worm FarmingPolyhouse hydroponic gerbera farming business profit lakhs rupeesVerticle Farming Explained with Zjef van AckerVERTICLE FARMINGAsk Dr. Nate Episode #3; Crude Protein for Fish, Organic Nutrients and Worms?!?!

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  • Frank Leyland 3 weeks ago

    Hey Adam, Thanks ever so much for sharing your experiences! I am just about to have a go at setting up a micro greens and mushroom business here in the Highlands of Scotland. My water comes from the burn and is peaty PH is around 6.5 will this be okay?? Thanks man, Peace

  • UnfallenHero 3 weeks ago

    50th Subscriber!

  • growing heart 3 weeks ago

    Would love to know what kind/ brand of lights you use!

  • Mr Eighty Twenty 3 weeks ago

    Great videos man…….keep up the good work. A Kiwi living in Australia.