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With rising populations, the manner in which we farm must imbibe technology to feed this aggressive demand. Hear from an entrepreneur who is pinning his hopes on an urban farming revolution, as presented at TEDxNITKSurathal. Sriram Gopal is the founder of Future Farms, a company focusing on the nascent field of hydroponics and aquaponics and in developing farming technologies suited for tropical climates. In the current scenario of depleting water resources world over, hydroponics has an advantage over traditional farming since it consumes about 90 per cent less water, requires no pesticides, and provides better yield. Sriram is pinning his hopes on an urban farming revolution, where the new-age farmers would be people who would be comfortable handling the computers and sensors that are part of the hydroponic set-up, and rooftops in the cities would be the harvest field. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at Related PostsVertical farming: a future way to feed urban populations? | FT Food RevolutionAgritech, Vertical Farming and Food SecurityIst Urban Farming die Zukunft für unser Essen? Investment Möglichkeiten!?Vertical Farming to Prevent Food Loss in a DisasterUrban Agriculture: Aquaponics, a food revolution | VeoliaHydroponic Farming & Food Production|Grow Food in Control Environment| ہائڈروپونک فارمنگ جدیدطرزکاشت

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  • ناقل للخير 3 weeks ago

    Soil only is support matter that's totally wrong 13:7

  • Utkarsh 3 weeks ago

    Great Thoughts

  • Utkarsh 3 weeks ago

    Wow I am also an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer.

  • Mahalinghia .E 3 weeks ago

    It's great thinking according to science, technology and food. But as u said food is a nutrition giving machine.
    Machine in the sense plants, all types of plants get minerals,vitamins from soil. So, without soil how do we get nutritioned food. There will be no difference right, now also we r eating unnutritional food and even after using this technology. Why we should then.
    Sir plzzzz replay me………..

  • Aditya Mishra 3 weeks ago

    Wowwwww,. It was amazing

  • Toshesh Daulta 3 weeks ago


  • Darshit Desai 3 weeks ago

    great idea…

  • Born Justice Rule 3 weeks ago


  • Brilliant vision, and looking successful – admirable job well done!

  • Arun Thankappan 3 weeks ago

    Please read about the article Virtual water in google , will come to know how other countries are planning on their water resource.This model addresses to that.

  • Adalberto Rebellón 3 weeks ago

    Será el futuro de la comida saludable, sin pesticidas y ahorrando el transporte de la granja a las mesas de comedor.

  • lilian perazzoli 3 weeks ago

    TED X

  • Kapil Meena 3 weeks ago

    Bro almost 90% don't want there kids to be a farmer

  • ChrisLeeTV 3 weeks ago

    Very interesting

  • Marty Hastings 3 weeks ago

    Sir, i applaud you and your fellow urban farmers. i wish that this concept spreads through out the world. Just one thought,……….does anyone check the roof tops for load bearing weight distribution? what do we do when we live in climate with multiple seasons? do you have to add any thing to the water do you have to keep the water moving? what do you do for pest control?

  • Saidin Rage 3 weeks ago

    Great talk. I saw another video on Beme News covering urban farming and it really seems like the way to go. In that video, a company in New York is converting shipping containers into urban farms that can grow all types of produce year round. This guy has a great idea, but he could actually be thinking bigger picture. Urban farms wouldn't need to be limited only to rooftops.

  • Hissen Daud 3 weeks ago

    India is a Great Civilization and a Great Popele

  • Mr Bulgaria pepi 3 weeks ago

    Amazing i hope that this company's efforts materialize and that will become more used around the world

  • Sabin Bhattarai 3 weeks ago

    Its awesome sriram gopal sir! As an agricultural student, i am most influenced by it. Thank you