A visit to an urban Chinese vegetable garden in New Haven, CT. An example of urban guerrilla gardening. Grow your own Asian veggies from seeds available here https://amzn.to/3mda3RT
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filling raised beds with soil
Digital table of contents:
00:00 Welcome and Intro
3:01 Topping off the soil, $ saving soil tips
6:39 Grow vertical, DIY trellis
9:01 Thrillers – cucumbers
11:02 Fillers – Tiny Tim, pepper, greens, herbs
15:27 Spillers – scalloped squash
16:28 Plant for pollinators
17:15 Water, fertilize, mulch
18:36 Giveaway

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Urban Chinese Vegetable Garden in New Haven, CT – Growing Asian Vegetables in the US

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  • Tess D

    Wow! Kudos to Yale for recognizing the spirit of possibilities in an otherwise barren land! And what a wonderful group of people who gathered together to farm the land and show that when we help each other, great things happen! Glory to God for a good earth!

  • CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY

    Sale – 25% off with the code “lets grow” at calikimgardenandhome.com. Sale expires Wed, April 14th, 2021. Includes 23 CaliKim Seed Collections (spring garden, container garden, eggplant, pea, herbs, lettuce, heat tolerant and more), my book, “Organic Gardening for Everyone”, all book/seed bundles, and CaliKim SmartPots. NEW: CaliKim 5 gallon Smart Pots in vivid colors with handles now available.
    Enter the giveaway by commenting below!
    Thanks for gardening with us!

  • Tricia H

    So helpful, thank you.
    I live in Florida and just started seeds for cucumbers and peppers and so excited to see them start. Love your trellis idea!!

  • Evelyn Jordan

    Hi Calikim! I've learned so much from watching your videos. In this video I learned you could plant sunflowers in a small raised garden. In my head small flowers make sense, but now that you mention it sunflowers don't take up much growing space. I love the idea!

  • Sheila Sams

    Planting in a raised bed for the first time. Also this is the first time in several years that I have had a garden. Loved all the info on planting in a raised bed!

  • Rory Dominguez

    I was so excited to see your idea of thriller, fillers & spillers. I'd LOVE to try the Smart Pots raised bed! I'm excited to plant a few new varieties of tomatoes, eggplant, strawberries and cucumbers (all for the first time!) Oh and Thank you for teaching us how to make our own compost. I finally managed to make enough compost to fill two 7 gal smart pots.

  • Terry Betz

    Wonderful video! This will be my 5th season and I can't wait for it to start. My last frost date isn't until the end of May so I have time to plan a thrill-fill-spill garden bed. What an exciting idea. I have to find the Tiny Tim tomatoe and so happy to know I can plant my cucumbers closer together. Thank you!

  • Melissa O

    I'm excited to try the Tiny Tim tomatoes this year and hopefully some bell peppers. I have a small space and I've really learned a lot on your channel.

  • Amyleeeee

    Just started growing in smart pots this past fall/winter and am excited to continue through spring!! Also I was inspired by you to grow more flowers and have been loving nasturtiums so much that I even started more today 🙂

  • tom malwat

    You have been my inspiration for growing garden. Last year was my first year growing and I grew some tomatoes and zucchini. this year I am adding cucumbers and cannot wait to harvest them.

  • Brenda Doyle

    You biotsted my confidence in doing a raised bed garden. I've been wanting to do it for the last 2 years and now feel that this is the year for me to start. Thank you

  • Jessica Varlet

    Thank you, this was very interesting, I have subscribed to your channel and hope to learn a lot more. I am also in SoCal, our front and back yards are mostly native gardens, so we have a ton of pollinators around. I have planted 3 tomato seedlings in fabric pouches, as well as herbs, at the top of the driveway. I also have compact zucchini and dino kale seeds that I really want to plant (I may be too late this year?). It’s on a slope so it’s a bit challenging but if I’m successful with my tomatoes this year, I want to try the raised bed. One of the silver linings of the pandemic, working from home has allowed me to explore growing a few veggies.

  • Christi Engle

    I am so excited about your Giveaway, I think that the world would be better with more garden giveaways. I just found out my local waste station has mulch for free, from trees and bushes that are brought to the dump. I am going to utilize it as my mulch to keep my garden from drying out between waterings. I already mixed in the leaves we saved into the soil, but perhaps next year will try the leaves on top. Getting excited about gardening, had to wait as I just had my Gallbladder out on Wednesday. Happy Gardening everyone!

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