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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Plants, and the planting of those plants, all with a greater purpose. That is what a local nonprofit is known for. Their beautiful living wall gardens can now be seen around the city. The plants create a pretty space, but they are also making a much larger impact. If you go to the Kroger in Corryville, you’ll soon get to see one of the living art pieces yourself. Kroger will have a big grand opening next Thursday. They have a cool new space for people to grab a coffee, wine, beer or a bite to eat. They are also incorporating some local art. There is even a giant “living wall” garden. There are some other “living walls” around the city and they are created by a non-profit called Urban Blooms. The executive director, Tyler Wolf, says typically the installations cost about 0 to 0 per square foot. But as a nonprofit, he wants them to be more accessible, so theirs run about to 0 per square foot. He says plant and material suppliers give him a discounted rate because of his community focus. When people purchase the living walls, they go toward other projects that beautify and better the city. One of those projects Urban Blooms started is the East End Veterans Memorial Garden by Eli’s Barbeque. They have a veteran horticultural therapy program where veterans learn gardening skills as part of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. “So, really, as we do more living walls, we hope to raise more awareness for the community work we do, which will then hopefully compound on itself and give us more exposure to do more wall projects. So we hope to kind of create this cyclical nature where we’re doing more and more wall projects which allows us to […]

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