Mark Simmons, PhD from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University of Texas and Christine Thuring (Chlorophyllocity) from the University of Sheffield propose:

Now that we are an urban species, we are ever more compelled to create and regenerate urban ecological function to maintain global sustainability, human health and our relationship to the natural world. But is ecological function really being prioritized and implemented in our cities? Are methods and technologies like green roofs, living walls, water sensitive designs and natural green space being as widely used as they could be? If not, what’s holding it up?

This short video gives a brief introduction to urban ecology and presents a case for collaborative ecological urban design towards an optimistic future for our cities and planet. In order to gauge how opinions vary by culture and discipline, participants are invited to participate in a short 10 question, global online survey which seeks to answer how can we do better as professionals.
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Upping the Urban Green. What is the Actual and Potential Role of Ecology in our Cities?

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