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Update underground house with grass roof Last video : Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofGrass roof houseGrass Roof House Tutorial | Minecraft Pocket EditionGrass roof houseHow to Grow Grass on a House RoofHow We Built Our House – Part Two: The Grass Roof.

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  • Vesile Özdemir 6 months ago

    Like Shire

  • wonder 6 months ago

    Where are your from

  • Jake Hawton 6 months ago

    But does it have WiFi?

  • Müller Andy 6 months ago

    @ 1:03 and @1:30 I can hear yor buddies cutting wood with axes. Not so primitive after all….

  • krzychoo89 6 months ago

    I think they're gonna kill you when you told them that there're modern tools, and they're just loosing time 🙂

  • MPL- Channel- 6 months ago


  • Ana Sant's 6 months ago

    Cheguei agora nesse canal e gostaria de saber se esses dois são irmãos ou tem algum vínculo de parentesco? eu queria saber também se eles vivem assim como os índios elles n tem familiares? #brasil

  • Cheryl van Hauen 6 months ago

    We should get these guys over to the UK to sort out our temporary housing issues, although, joking aside, there are many that would pay for one of these in their garden.

  • Jendeukie 6 months ago

    If they don’t actually live here then are there just random houses and wells lying around in the jungle

  • luqman hakim 6 months ago


  • Leonard Harp 6 months ago


  • leoferagusangy lopez olveira 6 months ago

    hello my name is agustin

  • Low Light 6 months ago

    Dream house in bussy city

  • Low Light 6 months ago

    That house is very beutifull

  • Suzi Dgar 6 months ago

    Mostra por dentro da Casas dos

  • Andre Padfield 6 months ago

    Where tf did u get perfectly cut grass?

  • paper work 6 months ago

    How do you keep water out of the house during the wet season when the water table is nearly ground level?