This is an Update on our last project the RDWC Hydroponic system together with answers to your frequently asked questions.
Link to our RDWC setup:
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UPDATE on our RDWC Hydroponic system

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  • Sia Micheal

    Excellent clip! We're waiting for your video teach us about details of RDWC system like your details verical hydroponic system. And nutrient solutions you mentioned 18%N 18%P 42%K 12%Mg 8%S 2%micro, is this for all total 4000L + 750L( 205×3)? I did not see canxi, fe… That mean we don't need?
    Thank you for your interesting clip.

  • Nivetha Jaganathan

    Hii… It was a awesome video… I'm from India .. I would like to know about climatic control… Are you using only shade net or fully controlled polyhouse??

  • Patrick Foster

    Great video. I am wondering what happens at setting the seedlings and harvesting mature plants. Do you experience any problems in these areas? Do you need more space to make your system more effivient?

  • tangobayus

    I'm thinking about making boxes like these but then sealing them with fiberglass tape and marine epoxy. I live in a moderate climate (San Francisco) so I'm not concerned about insulation. Are you doing something to aerate your solution?

    I have small systems in which I'm using Tetra Whisper aquarium pumps for aeration and also adding some 3% peroxide regularly to keep down algae.

    Most of the time I just top up my systems, although I do check and adjust the EC and pH as needed. When I need flower food for my roses etc I take some solution out of the DWC system for greens and sweeten it with flower fertilizer before applying it. I'm a heretic at this point because I use Rapid Grow Bloom, which has most of the same nutrients as some hydroponic fertilizers.

    I'm impressed with the results you are getting with what is still a relatively simple technology compared to some of the CAE's I see in other videos.

  • Joachim Bates

    I was surprised to find you’re in SA. I am as well and find this video more relevant than others. Where in SA are you based?

  • ideaR clothing

    Hi, My name is Bayu. I'm from Indonesia.

    I really want to "copy-paste" your R-DWC system. Can you send me a email all about this system? Please, thank you.

  • Rolando Parages Jr

    Its very ok the plans for hydroponic stystem about this future its very expensive for electric and also the water have chemicals to use to grow the plants.question they no harmful effect of the body in the future…

  • Simon Crooks

    Hi thanks for the video that was really good information.
    what are you hot season growing temperatures. I'm planning to set up a system like yours in Fiji where the hot season air temps are 34c day and 27 night.
    Thanks Simon

  • H.M Mazhar Abbas

    Awesome technique. Can we grow cucumber in this setup?? If yes.. Then please tell me more about this

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